The Coming of Love…and nothing like it.

A friend has just announced the birth of a granddaughter and emailed pictures - isn't the internet a wonder - of the precious newborn, Isabella, so that we might share in their joy. In the picture this babe is only minutes old and already snuggling up to Mama, and Mama is gazing at her with such naked love it is almost too much to see. How miraculous! So this is how God keeps us going! It's not the babies, per se, it's not the corporeal creation - it's the LOVE that becomes created at the same … [Read more...]

That “Moral Values” question?

Whoever heard of a moral values question on an exit poll? boifromtroy wonders if the question wasn't planted in order to pre-write an "explanation" for an unthinkable Bush re-election. (Let's blame the intolerant Christians who hate the gays and want to put them in concentration camps!) I think he's on to something. I also think the press and the Democrats will be haplessly narrow-minded when they try to "interpret" what exactly what those Bush voters meant by "moral values" or how the question … [Read more...]

Celebrate Diversity! (Except of Thought…)

Ah, the tolerant left in all its unhinged glory. Compassionate and accepting of any and all who agree with them, ready to rise up against those who do not. Aren't they sweet? Don't go to the link if you have ef-word issues! :-) Hattip to Kelli, who linked to it in the comments section of I'm sorry, but it's all so adolescent. When are they going to grow up, these folks who call us Nazis. Sheesh.UPDATE: Oh, we're unteachably ignorantWhat bigots. What true ignorance is … [Read more...]

The Day After the Day After

A few thoughts on November 2 and the end of this unsporting season:John Kerry: Nice concession speech - it didn't reach the soaring rhetoric of Al Gore's concession, but it was decent and proper, and I think the entire nation heaved a collective sigh of relief to know that it would not be dragged through another post-election debacle as in 2000. I personally believe that Senator Kerry may actually be relieved to have lost this bid for the Oval Office, for two reasons. The first is because being … [Read more...]

Thanks to Captain Ed – a true gentleman!

Just wanted to shout out thanks to Captain Ed at captainsquartersblog for inviting me to participate in his weekly caption contest - it was great fun reading the responses and getting to sit in judgement! :-) As the Captain was the inspiration for my beginning my own blog it was a true honor to be part of it! As Liza Doolittle said to kindly Col. Pickering, "Oh, yer real good, thank ye, Capting!" … [Read more...]

A Round of Applause for Laura Bush

In the rush to explain all that went wrong and right, what "worked" and what "failed" in both the Bush and Kerry campaigns, I hope someone remembers to include Laura Bush into the "what worked" part of the equation, because I do believe she was a big contributor to the Bush victory. Aside from being a picture perfect First Lady (not since Jackie Kennedy have we had a First Lady who so seemed to step out of central casting for the part) Mrs. Bush was, throughout the long slogs across the country … [Read more...]

Those early exit polls served a purpose

I thought - from the start that the exit poll numbers yesterday was God writing straight with crooked letters...the dems clearly were trying their last salvo of psy-ops with those numbers...but instead of inducing people to stay home, it gave people a sense of the 'reality' of a John Kerry presidency...and I think it helped some of them get off their rears and vote. The Dems were too clever by half. They gave America an early taste of what an KERRY WINS cake was like. America found it … [Read more...]

She’s banned baby, but it’s awright, it’s awright!

Received a few emails reporting that ldotters from were asking about Allegra and where she went.Allegra was justifiably banned from because she was out of control and running amok at the site...she was like a 5 year old who had already written on all the walls and was eyeing the furniture. While she was not purposely hijacking the site - that's kind of what the effect was.I think Lucianne did the right thing in banning Allegra (and Allegra thinks so, too), because a … [Read more...]

I take it back!

I wrote earlier that my parents would be turning in their graves to know their daughter voted a straight Republican ticket this morning.But now that I am reading about Democrats slashing tires of vans hired by the GOP to help that I am reading about voting machines having votes on them before the polls opened (in Democrat districts) that I am reading about Democrat dirty tricks in state after state - ( inflitrating GOP phone banks, Dems using impersonators to fake a … [Read more...]

Kerry’s own pollster calls it for Bush

Pretty remarkable. Mark Mellman writes in The Hill that Bush will win by three. I think he's just hedging his bets. He has a career to think about after this election.But then...would he call against Kerry like this, and risk alienating the left, the people he lives and associates with, unless he was reasonably sure he was correct?Draw your own conclusions. I don't think anyone knows what is going to happen today. But this IS remarkable. … [Read more...]

I didn’t like what you said in your film,

so I get to kill you and (according to some eyewitness reports to try to behead you as well.And there are some people who don't see anything wrong with that. Amazing. … [Read more...]

In the sickroom – And voting and Back

Blogging will be very light to non-existant today. After doing a week with my son's pneumonia and a weekend with S, I seem to have picked up an upper respiratory whatever, so I'm going to try to sleep/rest it away. I don't care how I'm feeling tomorrow, I'll be in that voting booth in the AM - voting to re-elect George W. Bush. Amen.UPDATE: Okay, so I dragged my disgusting self (I am a coughing, sneezing, hacking depository of whatever I picked up at the pediatricians office - and yes, I … [Read more...]

A Network Newswriter is Reading the Wall…

"I feel," says one of my network news-writer friends as he observes his associates in full pre-election hustle, "like I am in India during the last days of the British Empire. We're sipping tea and admiring those quaint little brown people pulling our rickshaws, not quite realizing they are about to overthrow us."The networks, it seems, are feeling a momentum shift. Not toward Kerry. Or toward them.Comes the Day of the Blogger. … [Read more...]

Blessed are the Peacemakers?

I have a very good friend, a writer and all-around good-guy who is studying for the diaconate in the Roman Catholic church, and he is struggling with his vote. He's a Democrat, but he doesn't much find anything in John Kerry that seems worth voting for. There are aspects of President Bush he admires, but other things which trouble him. The war makes him uneasy, particularly in terms of his Christianity. Is war compatible with Christianity, he wonders? Is this war? Is any war?He spent some time … [Read more...]