Fallujah: City of Blood and Malice

There really isn't much to say. NRO's The Corner linked to this government pdf file on Fallujah.You can't look away. … [Read more...]

Round ‘em up and Read ‘em, Pardners!

There is absolutely no excuse for my cowgirl lingo, but while you're wondering what I am about (I'm recovering from five days of lunacy and sorrow, about which I'll write later - maybe -) you might want to nose about in the web and see what's comin' down the pike, Pilgrims!Here is a rather depressing article about what has happened to Steve Gardner since he dared to speak candidly about John Kerry.Twenty-four hours later, Gardner got an e-mail from his company, Millennium Information Services, … [Read more...]

The Silence of the Lemmings?

The American Thinker is a daily must-read, but today they seem particularly chock-full of interesting, provocative links and essays. I was struck by Jaithirth Rao's worried tone in this piece. It seems his so-called liberal acquaintances in New York cannot bring themselves to civil discourse regarding anything political. A portion:People are not trying to reach out, but trying to talk to their own friends who think like them, who agree with their views. Nowhere is this more obvious than in New … [Read more...]

All that’s missing is a dance in the pool

It's been a long, long holiday weekend, and I hope it was good for everyone. We've had moments of hilarity and moments of great sadness, and I'll write on that later this week...all in all, what it comes down to is this: loving families are blessings, a free nation is a blessing...blessings abound where you are open to find them. I can't write at this hour, but since the Thanksgiving weekend usually kicks "It's A Wonderful Life" into high rotation, I thought I would pass along this excellent … [Read more...]

The Friends of Iraq Bloggers Challenge continues

It's astonishing to think that in the course of only a few days (and with the Challenge not even "officially" begun) the Spirit of America Blogger Challenge has received over $20,000 for their excellent cause. I'm very pleased to see some Anchoress readers contributing - I knew you guys wouldn't let my small donation sit there and be lonely! I knew you'd be generous! Some of the "teams" and alliances, and of course the much larger blogs have raised staggering amounts of money, and that's just so … [Read more...]

More things in heaven and on earth than are dreamt…

However...some odd things do get thought about, sometimes.Here is a question that sounds absurd on the face of it. What do a few obscure Catholic holy days and various feast days of the Blessed Virgin Mary have to do with a formerly hard-drinking-now-reformed Methodist? The answer is, perhaps nothing, or perhaps quite a lot.During the Great Recount Debacle of Election 2000 – designated the Year of Great Jubilee by Pope John Paul II - some people began to notice that things seemed to go George B … [Read more...]

Condi Rice is worth Ten Oliphants

Or Dowds. Or Danzigers. Or Trudaeus. Or Ralls.Her story can' t get a fair telling in the US press, but Dr. Condoleeza Rice is profiled well in this Times UK piece. After you read it, consider the rather different life-experiences of her numerous white critics in the press and in the Democrat party. Consider it thoughtfully. None of those oh-so-enlightened, oh-so-tolerant, oh-so-"smart" and privileged elitists can shine her shoes. And I suspect they know it, and hate her for it.Rice’s mother r … [Read more...]

The Seduction is Complete

Having never paid much attention to Bass/Baritone arias - or tenor, for that matter - it has been a pleasant surprise to journey with my son as he studies voice and trains his basso profundo. It's been a surprise for him, as well, since up until last year he was consumed solely with the Charlie Parker and the sax.Currently he is learning two Handel arias, Si, tra i ceppi e le ritorte and But who may abide the day of his coming, from Messiah, both of which we have happily discovered, are … [Read more...]

Since God is never outdone in generosity…

I thought I would give everyone a chance to be a little bit generous and then sit back and await the blessings! :-)If you're in the mood to think globally, and if you trust the men and women of our military to point out where the need is greatest (I do), you might want to participate in Spirit of America's "Blogger Challenge." A tip of the hat to Roger L Simon and you can scurry right over there and make a donation, if you're in the mood, or you can go to my own donation page here, and donate. … [Read more...]

Double Fantasy

Still haven't much time to write but wanted to throw a quick thought out. Instapundit brings this to our attention and is thinking there is more to come in the story.I'm thinking so, too, and wondering about the supposedly "open secret" (or rumor, depending on who you're speaking to) that Bill Clinton would love to be the Sec. General of the UN. It doesn't seem surprising at all, to me, to read that Kofi is getting a vote of no confidence (from a union, no less) right on the heels of Clinton's … [Read more...]

A marine, a war, a camera, a mindset

A little sleepless over here, but not up for much writing. I just wanted to bring your attention to Baldilock's Thoughts on the Fallujah shooting story. Baldi is a vet who consistently bring lucidity of thought to most matters but especially where things military are concerned. I respect her a lot. I'd forgotten about the scene in Saving Private Ryan to which she refers. She's worth reading and considering, and has good links.Actually, it's a DOUBLE HAT TIP to Baldi, tonight, as she also brings … [Read more...]

MacPherson’s Charge: A Trial of Democracy

As happens with increasing frequency, real life must take precedence over the cyber life. I feel like I am bouncing between hospitals and doctors. My brother S is still in hospice, and one of my children is in need of all my attention as he undergoes some tests that are scaring the heck out of us. I wanted to put this terrific read before you, though, Written by Jonathan Pitts of the Baltimore Sun. There are some who say we are very nearly engaged in a "bloodless civil war." I don't know about … [Read more...]

Iraq the Model: “I am free…I need to tell you how that feels”

They need no comment from me. Read it all and ask yourself...why was this a BAD thing, again? … [Read more...]

Under the Elephant Tent

Mrs Falconers Cabana Boy over at the Pajama Pack has some thoughts worth reading regarding what has happened in the ten days since President Bush's re-election. Enjoy.Also, I was lucky enough to be invited to a "W" Victory Dinner this weekend - a group of people gathered together to share a meal and celebrate and blow off some steam, after all of those harrowing weeks leading up to the election. The house was festooned with flags; people brought W memorabilia, signed pictures (someone brought an … [Read more...]