Acts of the Apostasy and Jane the Actuary Come to Patheos!

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You may have noticed a disturbance in the atmosphere. Or the appearance of arguments backed up with numbers and statistics.Do not be afraid.It is just the Catholic Channel, expanding again, to accommodate two new bloggers, Larry D's Acts of the Apostasy, which strikes out in satire, and Jane the Actuary's um...Jane, the Actuary, which brings a mind locked into the logic of numbers to bear on subjects as disparate as politics and prayer.Larry really is a satirist. Jane really is an … [Read more...]

Ana Marie Cox “Comes out” as a Christian

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She explains why, over at The Daily Beast:It is true that I feel intimidated by a conservative culture that seems intent on creating boundaries around Christianity rather than open doors. But it is also true that I wrote this article knowing that at least a few of them will probably like it—some might even tell me it needed to be written. The image of Christianity and progressivism as a newly hip fusion genre—it’s fucking edgy, man—is a strong siren song.Yet any rumbling desire to turn … [Read more...]

The Worth and the Witness of Women Bloggers

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I meant to write about this earlier this week, but I got distracted by something stupid and ultimately not worth my time.This, however, is worth your time, and not at all stupid: a terrific piece from Lisa Hendey, who looks at female Catholic bloggers and how their motivations and sense of mission can evolve as they move forward:In an age when many discount the role of women in the Church, I hold an opposite perspective, one edified by personal relationships. Indeed, Pope Francis … [Read more...]

Anchoress is CPAC “Blogger of the Year?” Get OUT!

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No one could have been more surprised than me to hear it. At the 2015 CPAC Bloggerbash, this blog -- your little ol' Anchoress -- was named Blogger of the Year.I mean, seriously, when the tireless Dr. Melissa Clouthier called me up to wonder if I could swing down real quick and accept it, she can confirm that my first response a "say whuuuuut?" that could have placed me in the middle of Arlen, Texas.I couldn't make it to the bash for a couple of reasons, not least because I spent part … [Read more...]

ISIS-supporter confirms my point: West too hip to deal

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Regular readers know I've said this often and since at least 2008: the inability of the West to acknowledge Islamic extremism with a fluent language of faith -- their apparent feeling that modern secularist enlightenment can handle events invoking and inviting supernatural forces -- means they lack the means to fully address an evil that will be dissuaded by neither bombs nor sanctions.Today, in a follow-up to his earlier piece, "What ISIS really wants", Graeme Wood presents some reader … [Read more...]

ISIS takes more Christian hostages; seals its doomed fate

ISIS will end in the reality of the great empty. Image by Michael Wick, courtesy of

ISIS, having seriously misread the effect of their last bloody theatrical, have taken nearly 100 Christian hostages from several Syrian villages.Islamic State militants have abducted at least 90 people from Assyrian Christian villages in northeastern Syria, a monitoring group that tracks violence in Syria said on Tuesday.The British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the militants carried out dawn raids on rural villages inhabited by the ancient Christian minority west of … [Read more...]

Obama’s Creed: Are we being prepped for 2016′s fake narrative?

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On Scott Walker and the absolutely absurd media histrionics concerning his refusal to both take responsibility for Rudy Giuliani's comments, and also confirm President Obama's Christianity for the world, I can't help wondering, why does the press seem to want and need Obama to be a Christian? I don't remember them much caring for it that Dubya was one.The answer to whether or not someone believes President Obama (or anyone) is a Christian is really simple. If I were a pol, it would go like … [Read more...]

Anchoress Shows Up to Give Homily at Mass! Also, Fatso!


In a manner of speaking, anyway.A parishioner from a parish in Maine sent me a link to a live-streamed video of their Ash Wednesday mass, wherein the priest jumps off of the Ash Wednesday homily I have said I would give, if I ever had the chance.Check it out (homily begins at about 18:30) and let me know what you think!And since I'm talking about me and Ash Wednesday, I might as well go the full-on "shameless self-promotion" people tell me I should do more of (!) and say you … [Read more...]

Lenten Reading: Rosary and Inner Healing

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I don't know why but I just can't bring myself to produce my annual "Suggested Lenten Reading and Resources" post. It's not that I have no recommendations; like a vaudeville comedian, "I got a million of 'em."I just have no head for gathering it all together in one spot. I think I need to shake things up, do something different. Maybe the Holy Spirit wants me to hit precise targets -- make sure certain people see certain books -- and that's best done shot-by-shot than with a spray of ammo? … [Read more...]

One governor who can dash Hillary’s ambitions, for good

burn after reading

Scene: A quiet street in an elegant, upscale neighborhood suggesting Embassy Row A moonless night. We hear a stolid, official sounding footstep on the pavement. Camera takes walker's perspective. Stop. Turn to the left; turn to the right. Slow advance toward an elegant manse with curtained side deck. From behind the curtain, a puff of cigar smoke, and then a voice.VOICE Give it over, then.An envelope is handed up. The sound of hastened movement away. Camera stays with envelope, which … [Read more...]

Holy Martyrs of Egypt, pray for us and for your ISIS killers

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Then I saw thrones, and those seated on them were given authority to judge. I also saw the souls of those who had been beheaded for their testimony to Jesus and for the word of God. They had not worshiped the beast or its image and had not received its mark on their foreheads or their hands. They came to life and reigned with Christ a thousand years." -- Revelation 20:4ISIS has discovered one way to bring Christians together. Pope Francis notes: Speaking in Spanish to an ecumenical … [Read more...]

Benedict: Anchoring Pole for Francis and John Paul II

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Over at Aleteia, Father Dwight Longenecker has a piece about Pope Francis as "reformer":Francis is hailed as a “reforming Pope” and he certainly seems intent on carrying through the plans initiated by Pope Benedict. Is it best, however, to regard him as a “reforming Pope”?People can and will make their own determination about that, but Dwight's not wrong that -- public perceptions and media narratives aside -- Francis is certainly moving forward on some Benedictine initiatives, even as h … [Read more...]

17 Silly, frivolous love stories, for Valentine’s Day!

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Love stories, courtesy of National Review, where you will find Charmaine Yoest, Elizabeth Kantor, John J. Miller, Richard Brookhiser, and many others talking about their favorite love stories.I'm in there, too. Were I holier, I would simply have said "The Incarnation" but since I am a sinner and self-obsessed, I told about "How I met my husband; aka An Irish Love Story":At age 20 I began the process of discerning a vocation as a contemplative religious, specifically as a Poor Clare … [Read more...]

Scott Walker and the MSM’s Fake Respect for Credentials

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Well, the hacks are back.They've been mostly quiet, since 2008, but the 2016 election is looming, so preferred narratives are unfolding, Alinsky-esque choosing and isolating of subjects is beginning, as we see with the sudden (and laughably clumsy, yes, hackish) obsession with Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. The New York Times' Gail Collins is leading the charge with her dull machete, declaring "Scott Walker needs an eraser", in part because he referred to a gifted educator as a "teacher of … [Read more...]