Begone, You Wilted Bane of My Existence. I Can Still Celebrate Christmas Without You…


... I couldn't take it anymore. The tree had to go.Christmas. More like chrismess. Needles and dead greenery everywhere. And the crippled, pathetic thing kept tipping over.Now don't mistake me. I'm no Grinch, typically I'm a Christmas purists who keeps her tree up at least until Epiphany. I tried keeping all the decorations up until Candlemas one year but, oh, the fire hazard.I just don't get how dead, shriveled greenery is supposed to recall the birth of Christ. I suppose in … [Read more...]

Older and Wiser…

Jan 1st

... It's hard to believe my son is almost a teenager. It seems like just yesterday I was able to get away with lying that I got him fireworks for his birthday.Happy birthday, Kiddo. Mama loves ya. … [Read more...]

All Stocked Up On Crazy Over Here, Thanks…

aint nobody got time for demons

... Deep, dark fears. Everyone's got them. Animator Fran Krause takes those fears and illustrates them for his web comic, Deep Dark Fears.In the spirit of irrational fears, cause Lord knows I got a million, here's my number #1 fear -- reflective surfaces... because that's how the demons get in.I hate reflections in windows at night, mirrors, and as an added precaution I had all the artwork in my home framed in non-reflective, glare free, museum quality glass. … [Read more...]

So You Want To Be A Blogger…

every time

... Answering reader email.Dear Crescat,I started a blog a few months ago and already I'm struggling with staying motivated and finding fresh material to write about. I heard some writers have certain rituals or routines. I've also been told it's important to keep a designated writing space available. What's your creative space look like?Sincerely, Bummed BloggerDear Bummed,My designated writing space is anywhere in my home where the wifi reception isn't interrupted by … [Read more...]

But It’s Still Christmas…


... I used to think the saddest sight was a discarded Christmas tree on the curb the day after Christmas. Nope. I was wrong.The saddest thing ever was watching my neighbor remove his exterior lights at 3pm on Christmas Day. … [Read more...]

I Regret Nothing…


... Gratuitous Doctor Who stick comic.For no other reason other than I can. … [Read more...]

Alice Cooper, the dedicated follower of Christ…

teenage crescat

... When I hear the name 'Alice Cooper' I associate it with all those awkward, angst ridden teenage years I made my poor mom endure.Now when I hear the name 'Alice Cooper' I think dedicated follower of Christ.Wait, what?Alice Cooper says he loves God but doesn’t want to become a ‘celebrity’ believer.The father of shock rock whose music and stage antics have outraged parents for more than 30 years told how the fear of hell turned him to God.Alice Cooper, who sang about ne … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, Should I Try Online Dating Sites…

Judgemental dog

... It's holiday party season time. You know what that means? 'Tis the season to be constantly reminded that I am alone. Always alone. As if I could forget.Alone at mass...and at social gatherings.Alone.Google ads and evil email spam bots started targeting me over two months ago -- join today and reserve your 33% off discount to, click here to activate your free trial of, or try the #1 dating site for singles now at … [Read more...]

Midnight Mass. NO!

midnight mass

... I am just gonna go ahead and say this, but I was actually kind of glad my son was getting over the flu and still feeling too icky to go to midnight mass this Christmas. I got to bed last night at a respectable 11:45 pm on Christmas Eve for the first time in a decade. Typically I don't make it to bed before 3:00 am.I know midnight mass is a long standing and lovely tradition of the Church that all good and pious Catholics manage to adore. Good and pious Catholics being key.This … [Read more...]