PS – I also totally hate you with the fires of thousand burning heretics…


... vent-y rant rant.*Warning - Grown up language*I've had my Jeep less than four months and I've already been rear-ended. It was a perfectly minor accident (thanks be to God) and also completely unavoidable.I was sitting in traffic and watched this dude in the car behind me text and drive for the last 5 miles. I just knew the selfish (yes selfish, because that is what you are when you text and drive) little dip shit was going to hit me. And I was right.Listen, if you text … [Read more...]

Supporting Education Through Art…


... I got an interesting email from a professor of an Unnamed College who teaches a course on Catholic Christianity. He said he uses my website to teach his students about liturgical abuses and bad Christian art.Well, who am I to stand in the way of education?Art by Lindena Robb, Sydney, AustraliaThe piece is screaming with social commentary about Christ, exploring the relationship between multiculturalism and life as performance. What starts out as contemplation soon becomes … [Read more...]

“Pro-lifers don’t carry guns. Ever.”

pro life

... That's not my opinion, mind you. It's a reader's opinion, left for me in the comment section of this post.Since I've encountered this statement before I thought I'd talk a little about what it means to be pro-life and what actively being pro-life looks like.For context, here's what I wrote."If someone told you that you were going to meet a complete and total stranger for coffee what would you do? You would be extra cautious, of course ... meet in a public crowded place, … [Read more...]

Chances Are If He Is Not Asking You Out Right Away, He Never Planned To…


... There's tips galore on how to make the most out of your online dating experience; how to create the most eye-catching profile, how not to scammed, things you should do as a woman to keep yourself physically safe, etc etc.But what about keeping yourself emotionally safe?You'll often hear in regards to safety that taking your time before meeting a stranger from online is the best way to go. Some recommend exchanging several emails over a period of time to gauge if there's any … [Read more...]

Just Give Me Comics Without Porn, Please…


... I am so tired of intentional vulgarity disguised as entertainment.I like graphic novels and comics for the artwork, fantastic stories, and unlikely heroes and villains, but why oh why do they have to contain nudity and sexually explicit content? If I wanted to see people having sex in print format then I'd buy a damn hustler magazine.I want to read an incredible story illustrated by amazingly talented artists. Don't tell me you can't do that without sex and nudity or half naked, … [Read more...]

“When I look back over my life Catholicism was always there”…


... I've taken on a side project called The Catholic Five. It's basically five Catholics sitting around talking about Catholic-y things. The host, David Gray, has also started compiling video interviews of people telling their conversion stories. I love conversion stories, so I was pretty excited to share mine when David asked.Conversions stories are always unique to the person telling them, which makes them so interesting because they are as diverse as people are, but more importantly … [Read more...]

Would it hurry up and Sept 19th already…

dw fangirl

... Yesterday the second trailer of series 9 of Doctor Who was unveiled. And it looks more and more like my fan theory, that The Doctor visits Westeros, has become a possibility. Look at it. A Game of Thrones looking medieval town and a dragon. And of course Maisie Williams, the actress that plays Arya Stark. I kid. Everyone knows if George RR Martin can't kill it he's not interested. The constant regeneration would prove problematic.Watch the trailer and tell me what you think. … [Read more...]

Is it a Church or a Bar, Who Knows…

play some freebird

... They're opening another church in my area. At least that's what I think it is. It's really kind of hard to tell. It's called The Wave and if it weren't for the sign that says "worship community coming soon" I might think it was just another bar.The Wave, A Worship Community. I wonder what they'll be worshiping. The sea? Is it the Cult of Neptune? Maybe it's the Church of Cthulhu where they worship the ancient ones. There's no other information for me to go on other than an ambiguous … [Read more...]

St. Maria Goretti Relic Tour Schedule…

old ass relic

... Come see the Church relic.The relics of St. Maria Goretti, that is. Click here for tour schedule. … [Read more...]