Whaaaaaa? You guys….

prepare to die

... Aw, shucks. You guys.I just wanted to give a big, fat "thank you" to everyone who donated and helped spread the word through your tweets, facebook shares, and blog posts.I wasn't expecting anywhere near this much support. The extra donations are really going to help since I found out last night my car has absolutely no trade-in value - it was in a previous accident and I hold a total loss title on it.I can use the extra for the taxes, title, and registration.I just wanted … [Read more...]

Oh look, she’s asking for money again…


... In other news. I'm poor. Depressingly so. In your charity please see the go fund me page I set up to help me replace the gorilla glued, rust bucket I've been driving around.If you were looking for charitable causes this Lent; charitable cause right here.Yeah it sucks. It's tacky and I feel like as ass for having to do this but if you're poor, living paycheck to paycheck, you understand the idea of having a savings is laughable.It's just me, taking care of my son and my … [Read more...]

Inside the Silence at Belmont Abbey College…

I make this look good

... I got a special little place in my heart for Belmont Abbey.Reading this article reminded me I've been away too long. It's also nice to see they've lowered the tuition by 1/3. I've always thought how cruelly unfair it is that Catholic education is often too expensive for most Catholic families. But I digress.Our State Magazine has a very nice, reflective piece about the Abbey in this month's edition. Pop over there and check it out, and if you're every in the Charlotte area of North … [Read more...]

Take a Mini Lenten Internet Retreat…

street performer

... Joseph Susanka, over at Summa This Summa That, has a really great series of Lenten music. It's like taking a mini internet retreat.Take a moment to let your soul get stirred.The Poor Rebec Player, by José Rodrigues c.1855 (public domain)Other good stuff on the internet, Read the Summa in a year... for free.See, the interwebs isn't all evil. … [Read more...]

Homeless Man Buried at Vatican Cemetery…


... Willy Herteleer went to mass every day for twenty five years straight. He was well know among local clergy and the Swiss Guard. He was regarded as happy and friendly, a man of rich faith who enjoyed chatting with pilgrims about confession and the Eucharist, which he called his "medicine."When he died he was given a funeral mass and buried in the Vatican cemetery established for Flemish and German nobility.Willy Herteleer was not nobility. Not in the earthly sense. He was a … [Read more...]

“New York’s Answer to the Sistine Chapel” …


... I like stories like this. Stories of beauty and churches made to look the way they are supposed to. If it's a story about iconography, even better.'It's not like Rembrandt. It's other worldly,' Father Leoniet Charlancow, a Rasifer monk at the Holy Trinity Monastery Icon Studio in central New York, said of the traditional style. 'It's supposed to transport you to another dimension, Heaven.'When you step into a church, a holy place, it's supposed to represent something divine. Not a … [Read more...]

Russel Brand’s Anti-Porn Rant…


... Some of you regular readers know how much I despise porn. It destroyed my marriage as I watched it completely transform my ex-husband.Allowing yourself to be exposed to pornographic material is one of the most destructive soul corrupting things you can do to yourself. Maybe one day I'll write more about my experience but until then... … [Read more...]

Look at me, I’m so holy with my ashes and my fasting…

put it in my face

... So it's Lent. I guess that means I'm obligated to write something on the topic. Oh, joy. Wait, I mean "Oh, suffering."I suck at Lent. In fact, I suck at most of these religious traditions and seasonal times of the year. I wasn't raised Catholic so it doesn't come naturally for me as it does for others. Plus I have a hard enough time maintaining any level of holiness throughout the rest of the year, in case you haven't noticed. Now you want me to do some extra piety? Here, let me just … [Read more...]

All stocked up over here…


... The city is shut down. All is silent and still. Nothing stirs but the gentle sounds of falling snow and sleet as it blankets the streets with ice. Beautiful, precious ice. The kind of ice that strikes fear in hearts all across the south. The fear that can mean only one thing.Snow day.I've got all the provisions I need to get me through the next day or so. Come at me, snow. … [Read more...]