Santa Claus versus St. Nick…


... Every now and again I hear someone refer to Santa Claus as St. Nick.Santa and St. Nick are two very different individuals. Here, let me help you distinguish between the two.St. Nick aka St. Nicholas of Myra1) An actual real live person 2) Celebrated and recognized saint in Catholicism and Orthodoxy 3) Known for kicking ass and taking names4) Actually gave to the poor 5) Imprisoned for his faithSanta Claus1) Totally fictional character of dubious pagan … [Read more...]

A Coke and a Smile…


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Cthulhu Nativity…

cthulhu nativity

... Behold! … [Read more...]

A Thanksgiving Miracle…


... An amazing thing happened this Thanksgiving.I didn't make it back to Virginia to see my family. I missed out on My Big Fat Puerto Rican Thanksgiving, an event I look forward to every year.But that's not the amazing part.The amazing part was instead of feeling depressed and sorry for myself, I felt incredibly grateful - grateful to have family that misses me when I am not there.And not only that, I had multiple invitations to spend Thanksgiving with various friends. I was … [Read more...]

Pope Francis, Autism, and More Separate Masses…


Post by Autism Speaks.I've been to parishes where special needs children fidgeted and made noise all through mass and no one bats an eye.I've also been to parishes where everyone within ear shot turned around and gave the parents dirty looks til they moved to the cry room... where they got more dirty looks.In fact, the first ever Catholic church I went to with any regularity was in downtown Nashville. The pews were filled to the brim with every type of person imaginable; homeless … [Read more...]

Oh, you’re still single. Let me fix that …


... Thanksgiving is next week. You know what that means.Single ladies, brace yourselves. Annoyingly intrusive questions about your personal life are coming to a Thanksgiving dinner table near you.You can grimly smile and nod through another holiday get together or you can proactively shut them up once and for all.Introducing... Rent an ex-felon boyfriend.It's Thanksgiving. Want to skip that long, insulting conversation about how you're still single? About how your … [Read more...]

Advent Simplicity… with wine.


... I have long accepted the reality that I suck at Advent. In fact, I suck at most liturgically related crafts and projects. If it's going to require more than a glass of wine and a trip to confession, fuggedaboutit.I finally embraced this liturgical deficiency the year I almost burned down the house, not to be confused with the time I set the lawn on fire.See also - ideas on how not to set your Advent wreath of fire.Everyone loves a roaring Christmas fire.This year … [Read more...]

Sunday’s a Day of Rest…


... and I'm all like, rest on Sunday?The Gospel according to The Crescat1 The Lord worked all week. On the sixth day He slept in for an extra 30 minutes and saw that was good.2 On the seventh day He got up even earlier than the sixth day and made breakfast, got the family to mass, drove home after mass, but not before stopping off at the store to pick up a few things for dinner and ended up getting an entire week's worth of groceries, because who knows when He'll have time to … [Read more...]

Viral Christmas Advert Inspired by WWI Christmas Truce…


... Have you seen this incredible commercial for Sainsbury’s, a large supermarket chain in the U.K., based on the true events that happened Christmas Eve 1914?The commercial reminded me of a favorite movie, Joyeux Noel.From the History Channel...It was a miraculous event, a true shining moment in humankind and one that is unlikely to repeat itself since our current enemies do not believe in mercy or the love of Christ. We can hope and we can pray, but the past h … [Read more...]