Blog carnival: links to blogs

1. Clare Dakin, Co-Founder of Tree Sisters

Link to Clare’s blog post on “The Divine Feminine: Celebrating Women”

2. Devaa Haley Mitchell, Co-Founder of Soulful Women Wisdom School

Link to Davaa’s blog post on “Embodying the Divine Feminine – 13 daily tips”

3. Margaret Wolff, author  of “In Sweet Company: Conversations with extraordinary women about living a spiritual life

Link to Margaret’s blog post on “The Spirit of the Divine Feminine”

4. Ann Smith, Co-Founder and Director of ‘Circle Connections

Link to Ann’s blog post on “Divine Feminine”

5. Carolyn Rivers, Founder and Director of the Sophia Institute

Link to Carolyn’s blog post on “Women, Wisdom and Leadership”

6. Debra Moffitt, faculty at the Sophia Institute and author of “Awake In the World: 108 practices to live a divinely inspired life”

Link to Debra’s blog post “Embracing women who inspire”

7. Karen Speerstra, author of “Sophia, The Feminine Face of God”

Link to Karen’s blog post on “Swimming with a black swan”

8. Rev. Peggy Price, an inspirational leader devoted to oneness

Link to Peggy’s blog post on “What is the divine feminine?”


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