She is asking me to listen. Listen? To what, and who’s asking? Huh?

Clare Dakin, Co-Founder of Tree Sisters

‘Listen in’, she whispers through the tension on my solar plexus, the numbness in my shoulders, the blank mask of my computer blurred mind. As I sink into the numbing routine of e-mails, phone calls, bad posture, forgetting to drink, forgetting to breath…she is whispering to me. ‘Wake up. Wake up. Remember your body, remember the messages that speak through your body. Remember the wisdom that pours through your body. Remember that I am the wisdom of life that is available to you through your body, and through the body of Earth that you are part of…’

Am I imagining her? I don’t know. What I do know is that life is calling me in every moment into greater awareness of sensation, so that my body wisdom can lead me, and that if I follow, I am following life instead of following the shoulds and oughts of my mind.

How did we set life up to override body and heart? What were we doing, and why did we agree? When we made mind King, we placed a tyrant in waiting on the throne, and when we created systems to follow that tyrant, we abolished the landscapes of heart and body to the gaps in life when we remember that breathing is core to pleasure, and that heart is core to joy. We gave up the most glorious juicy aspects of self for the dry mind, and wonder why there is so little meaning anymore and so much distraction away from emptiness.

She keeps whispering…even here, even now, plonked in front of the computer, I can lean back into her; softening my body, releasing my diaphragm, breathing more intimately, allowing her to enter my body, knowing that there is so much more available to me in this moment, and allowing my edges to soften so that I might feel her tug.

Magical She, like darkness rising within, a warm blanket or well of mystery, an internal night sky, silent, chaotic, endless, unfurling; I close my eyes and fall back into the space that is Her.

‘If a thousand goddesses gathered in her name…if a thousand conscious women gathered in her name, the Goddess would emerge through them’ said Romio Shrestha. If enough of us sank deeply into the realm of the sacred feminine within, we would be holding the space for her emergence through us all. What is the feminine asking of me in this moment? She is asking that I recognize her within me, or me within her; that I hold the space for her emergence through me, that I allow for the mystery of life to unfold through me. That I stop dictating, stop pushing, stop striving, stop trying to make life show up how my mind thinks it ought to show up, and start allowing, ALLOWING, always allowing the mystery of life to unfold its story through me.

To allow, to surrender, to relinquish the illusion of control, to become permeable to life. That is the sacred feminine to me. That is She, within. Somehow, that is me.

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