The Divine Feminine is A Whisper In My Soul

Luciana Cousin is a freelance consultant specialising in women-owned businesses. She also writes short stories, poetry, and articles based on women’s issues and gender equality.

Fleeting thoughts, a need for more,

Ever present, and yet out of reach.

After all, I have achieved….my life is complete.

My family, my boys, and a life.

But then the whisper faintly stirs a passion that lies deep within my soul

And while my voice is silent, my thoughts are loud.

Conflicting thoughts, is it right to want more

Beyond just being ‘a someone elses’, – wife, mother, daughter.

‘I am blessed with what I have’; I whisper back,

‘I must be grateful for this life although it is not really mine’, I whisper back,

‘I know there is much more to me;

That this is simply a fragment of the essence of me’. I whisper back.

‘I am not ready yet’, I whisper back.


The whisper is hushed for a time

But the whisper finds ways to make me heed;

It kindles neglected emotions and revives forgotten feelings,

And childhood dreams.

And it steadily guides me to the point of ‘what if?

‘But I am not good enough’, I whisper back,

‘It is too late’, I whisper back, ‘to become me’.

The whisper breathes into my soul, and ignites an inner strength,

And for a moment I can see the woman that is really me.

‘I am scared’; I whisper back, ‘what if I fail?’ I whisper back,

‘I cannot do this’ I whisper back;

‘Do you not know my role in life and it cannot be just about me’. I whisper back.

‘Stay strong, stay true to you’, the whisper echoes through my soul.


And as I grow in self-love, self-esteem and self-respect;

I find my voice and stand up tall, I make a difference and explore

Beyond the boundaries that I set a long time ago.

The whisper in my soul inspires me to accept that I do not need

The praise and criticism of others in order to succeed.

And as the whisper filters through the core of who I am

Empowering the woman in me, to inspire, to achieve and to love

Myself and who I am and who I will become,

‘I am humbled and in awe,’ I whisper back.



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