A world transformed by the Divine Feminine is a world of divine justice, love, grace, honesty, and truth

Kendra Ford,  is a spiritual guide, activist, and scholar. She is the founder of the Divine Lotus Project and offers interfaith spiritual guidance.

When you see the Goddess, her eyes sparkle with grace.

When you touch the Goddess, her loving hand caresses you.

When you love the Goddess, she offers her welcoming embrace.

When you discover that you too are the Goddess, you begin to recognize that she has always been alive in you.

The Goddess is the mother, she is the daughter, she is the lover, she is the fierce fighter of justice, she is the nurturer, and guide.

The Goddess is the divinity that resides in all and she is always in your heart.

A world transformed by the Divine Feminine is a world of divine justice. It is a world filled with love, grace, honesty, and truth. The goddess does not ask for perfection, but rather asks that we remain open, transparent, honest, and willing to remain present with our lives each and every day.

The Divine Feminine alchemically transforms the world through her unwavering love, compassion, and presence. When the Divine Feminine in the form of Kali emerged in my life, I have been forever changed.

In the summer of 2009 while sitting in meditation on the earth of the Nevada dessert, Kali came into my mind’s eye. She appeared as a red figure with her tongue hanging out and her arms raised with weapons in her hands. Although I recognized this red devi warrior as Kali, I had never personally encountered her prior to this vision. Shortly after having this vision I began seeing someone for spiritual guidance. I quickly learned that Kali’s fierce energy is a loving energy that directs me to truth by cutting through ignorance so that I may come to reconnect and embody the deeper meaning of my soul.

By working with Kali’s energy and following her direction, I have gained a deep reverence for the Divine Feminine. In many ways Kali has become a saving grace in my life. She has given me strength to move forward even when I’ve been terrified, she taught me how to stand my ground and honor my soul, she has taught me that loving someone may sometimes come in the form of letting go and that death (metaphorical and literal) is not just an end, but also a beginning of something new. Kali’s spirit has penetrated my heart so fully that she has become a driving force in all that I do.

I believe that the Divine Feminine, in whichever form she manifests, alchemically transforms the world and reorients the focal point of our lives to reflect the voice of the soul. From this focal point grounded in the Divine Feminine we move more grace-fully in our lives, honor our truth, love unconditionally (even ourselves), and we find ourselves forever changed. A world transformed by the Divine Feminine is a world of divine justice.

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