A world transformed by the Divine Feminine is a world of patterns upon patterns

Karen Speerstra, author of “Sophia, The Feminine Face of God”. 

What does a world transformed by the Divine Feminine look like? On a recent trip to Spain, there were days when all I could think of were patterns  I watched patterns of mountains notch into valleys and fields, fallow and fertile, slip into one another. I saw saw olive and orange trees line up and the earth crease and fold around them.

Gregory Bateson once said in Mind and Nature, “What pattern connects the crab to the lobster, and the orchid to the primrose and all four of them to me? And me to you?…The pattern which connects is a metapattern. It is a pattern of patterns.”


Whether it’s the frost patterns on my Vermont windows this morning, or an intricate spider web pattern, I sense Her presence in this mystical metapattern matrix.

After our side trip on a dirt road back into the “alham”–the “red earth of Granada,” we visited the Alhambra itself where more patterns piled up on more patterns. Arches upon arches. Tiles upon tiles. Dark into light.








And I thought, “This is Her work. This is Her visible code encouraging me to see how everything is connected, how everything folds into everything else and how it’s all crucial to the workings of not just our planet, but of the galaxy and universes beyond. She is there, making sure the stitches of the world-tapestry hold together. And when we take the time to really look, we can see her radiance shining through the pinpricks, sliding off the glazed tiles.”

Before the Alhambra became a city state filled arches and symmetrical gardens, even before the Romans, it was a place where The Mother was honored, up there on Sabika hill, where Her crystalline water poured from springs fed by snow-capped mountains and where her birds sang.  She’s still there in the overlay of patterns, just as she is everywhere in the beautiful as well as the dismal parts of our world.

Click here for a ten-part audio guide to Karen’s book.

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