A world transformed by the divine feminine will be…green…

by Anne Scott of  Dream Weather

This woodblock print that you see here, Benedictas Veritas, carries the essence of what this blog is about. For the green expresses what I understand as a woman’s sacred relationship to life and to the divine.

I once had a dream in which I see a vibrant, healing green stream that runs through women from head to toe. I am told that women need to find and recognize it in themselves, so that it can flow out into life.

I have heard variations of this dream reflected in the dreams of other women, including the newly homeless. At the meetings with groups of homeless women, I see how their wisdom surfaces, like frozen water, melting, allowing them to drink from a clear place deep within them.

During one of these meetings, a young woman living in a shelter shared, “I don’t know what it means, but I heard these words inside of me when we were meditating: Display the green of life on your resume.”

She might not be able to live this wisdom right away, but it is alive – and she can return to it again and again. What touched her most, and the women at the meeting, was the reality and power of this inner knowing.

The artist, Connie Butler said, “Did I tell you about the inspiration for the Benedictus Veritas? It is a pregnancy of inner greening, rebirth, renewal and ease from our collective sense of isolation.”

Recently I heard a woman’s vision that touched me with its directness. In the vision a woman rose out of the sea and said, “Women are to meditate on the color green.”

So I come back to this greening, and how we are each drawn to living this love, this devotion.

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