• http://saltspringunitarians.com Samantha

    You’re bang on, Laura. “I’m in a hurry and don’t know why.” The ego likes unquestionable momentum. You’re giving yourself and the world a tremendous gift every time you sit on that cushion. Love you.

  • http://OneFamilyManyFaiths.blogspot.com Yvette Warren

    It really is time that we women who have challenged ourselves to be super women take off our capes, wrap ourselves in them as security blankets, and rock our souls.

    Perhaps we need to change the lyrics of the song “Rock My Soul” from “in the bosom of Abraham” to “in the bosom of Sarah” or “in the bosom of Hagar.”

  • http://www.vitis-tct.be Ria Baeck

    I think the point becomes to slow down every where and any time… not just on the meditation cushion; although that is a good start – like any other practice that makes you do that. The point I see, translating the Divine Feminine into this topic, is to come to a natural rhythm again and learn right timing.
    Good we are all on the learning path!

  • laurapb

    Yes Ria, I totally agree, slowing down on the cushion is just the first step in a long learning curve!
    Thanks so much for reading!