Finding the Divine Feminine in the ebb and flow of our own ‘divine flow’

Alisa Blanchard, BA is life in motion

During the last few years I have begun honoring my moon time by creating or learning something new each cycle. This allows me time to really listen or reflect on my inner wisdom and to manifest my dreams. I believe the sacred flow of my blood opens me in new ways to my goddess; the Divine Feminine within my being.

This is also a great time to connect with my daughter and enter into a ceremony if we wish; imagine me with a 3 year old painting and exploring mixed media by candle light and music. Or sometimes if we really are feeling the energy of the month we will take my “moon juice” and gift it back to the earth with a blessing.

My primary ritual for connecting with the divine is to find ways to bring myself into circle with other women, where I begin to look deep into the waves of womanhood. Circles within circles exist, but my home base takes place in a Red Tent Temple, which I helped to bring to my community. (As part of the formation of Gathered Resources of Women: GROW Inc, we believed it was imperative for all women of the community to have a place where they felt supported, before we could start to change the culture of maternal in our region.)

There is something magical in sitting within a circle of women and seeing the goddess in her face, hearing the goddess in her voice, tasting her in my tears, feeling her in my laughter. Surrounded in this way I see a mirror being held up for me as an invitation to journey into my own divine self.

What a blessing to be in a space where you don’t even need to tell your whole story, since often before that talking object arrives in your hand, your story has already been told by the women before you. Amidst the ebb and flow of life, this reminds us that we are all in the rip currents, together.

Circle also helps to remind me during the tougher times, even the small steps are steps. There are moments in my life when these small steps become my ritual; to some it might seem like it could not possibly be a ritual. My small steps often look something like: humming while I brush my teeth, singing (mostly in the shower), moving my body and prayer.

For myself such little ways bring me to the diving light illuminated within, on days when I am faced with the various waves and challenges of existence. These simple actions help me to celebrate my choice to wake up and be in this world. In celebrating my life each day I call on myself to honor the great goddess within. And when my goddess is honored, she is able to love and honor the goddess within you.

Photo By: Alisa Blanchard


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