What are your personal rituals or practices that keep you in touch with the Divine Feminine?

Kay Lindahl is an interfaith activist, speaker and retreat leader, author of “The Sacred Art of Listening”

It took me a long time to recognize the Divine Feminine.  I grew up in the 40’s, a member of a mainline protestant denomination, and was used to all the masculine pronouns and expressions of God. I didn’t necessarily feel excluded or included – that was just the way it was.  However, I also sensed a deep calling to be in communion with God.  At one point I thought I wanted to become a minister – but that was out of the question in my denomination at that time. So then, in my 14 year old way, I thought I should attend a seminary where I would meet my future husband who would be a minister.  That was not meant to be and I went on to become a registered nurse – seeking my connection with God in my work.

Fast forward a few years to the 60’s and I am the mother of five children, busily engaged in being a stay at home mom, not paying much attention to what was going on in the sex, drugs and rock ‘n  roll culture of the hippie generation.  I couldn’t relate to the “Feminine Mystique” and was happy enough making it through each day, always looking forward to time at church on Sundays.

Once my kids were all in school I began to search for what was next for me.  Somehow I knew it was a spiritual journey, although that was not a term commonly used in my community.  We started talking about using inclusive language at our church services – and I finally got the connection with the Divine Feminine.  It was as though this connection had been ‘a missing’ for me. I became aware of the whole world of women’s issues and have been exploring that sensitivity ever since.

One of the practices I have that keeps me connected to the Divine Feminine occurs during church services. My church is liturgical and credal, meaning we have a certain ritual to our services. Every time we use the word Holy Spirit I substitute the word She for the pronouns that follow it. A small thing, but it presences Sophia and wisdom for me.  Many of our prayers refer to God as a He or Lord.  In these instances I just substitute the word Creator or use God instead of He.  It’s my way of reminding me of the feminine aspect of the Divine.

I love being outside, and feel a strong bond with nature, which occurs to me as an expression of the Divine Feminine. So whenever I am in the presence of a beautiful sunrise, walking in the rain, any beautiful landscape, the ocean, mountains, trees, – and on and on – I choose that moment to connect with the Divine Feminine. Now that I think about it, almost all my senses do that for me – She is the sensual aspect of my nature.

Finally, being with other women is a powerful way to presence the Divine Feminine. I love being in circle with women of all ages and stages in life. It is a sacred experience and nurtures my soul.

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