What Happens When Women Lead?

Adrie de Jong comes from The Netherlands. She believes that as women come to know themselves, they will be find the wisdom they need to provide hope, knowledge and solutions.

I think much more will be possible for the quality and worth of life when woman lead. I think we will first seek wise woman to lead. Those with a broader view and an higher notion of what really goes on within the heart of the human being and it’s urge for basic needs. With the leadership of men we see them often scattered in futilities as honor, outer looks, power and the need for toys for games. Just like you see a kid of 5 years old get lost between the toys he wants to play with, he has no notion of the needs of others around him. And for a kid of 5 years old that is okay. But for a leader of a country we simply must understand that such leader is incapable of being a leader. Leadership is nothing else but serving the other one and understanding the needs of the people and getting everything organized and straightened out so basic needs are able to be delivered to everyone. So, after having the first basic needs fulfilled, each person in society is able to shine with their talents and gifts to make a beautiful living together.

A woman who leads is as a mother who takes care of her family. She wants everyone to grow and have a good life. She wants everyone to feel responsible and be eager to join in helping a hand to make a good living possible. Work would be nothing else than serve the other. And by serving the other the best one can, everyone will benefit. It’s in seeing the worth of an individual and it’s right to have a good life ! This makes organizations, companies a co-operations useful and needed to work well, so, everyone has shelter, clothes and food, as well as houses, transport and some money to get by. What would make someone corrupt if he understands and sees that in that way he is mistreating another person and so he is mistreating himself ! Because the other now is not able to serve him, because he did not serve the other to get him the needs so he could be able to serve. He would think of himself as being a fool. I guess this understanding got lost in patriarchal society.

We as women we earn less than men in the world while we work so much harder to make the world work. We never thought of need for money in matriarchy because if everyone has a good life the effort was rewarded already. There was peace and joy and time and health to be cheerful together. If one had an idea, others were not jealous, but curious what nice things would be made or happen, and even lend a hand. And so problems were solved. With all the money in the world, the riches a man earns, he seems not to be able to do his job right, to serve his neighbor, and invent things to make life easier. I guess money gets lost in white lines and keeps circulating in criminal realms.

It’s not money that makes the world go round. It’s the heart that sees the other and wants to join hands and work for a better future for each other that makes the world work. It’s due to the effort of women that kids can eat. They do 2/3th of the work, while getting 10 % of the income. They build half of the food, while only own 1 % of the land. If a woman earns money, 90% will go to the family, while man only does so with 35%. It’s the love and responsibility in the heart and eyes of a woman that wants to see her family happy and healthy, she knows it is not the amount of money or other outer looks. When a woman will lead, she will use her skills and insights for a better life, for each and everyone, because she understands the worth of each and every single person.


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