Who inspires you? Who gives you hope? Who keeps you alive?

This month at the Divine Feminine blog, we want to hear about people who inspire you.

Inspiration is something we all seek, either consciously or unconsciously. Not surprising when you think that the word literally means “the act of inhaling”. What inspires us gives us life.

Inspiration is closely linked to hope, and though hope can be found in many places, it often comes from those around us, (in fact, HOPE spells out Hearing Other People’s Experience). Think how you feel more alive after hearing someone share honestly and openly about their own struggles and the way they overcame them.

Indeed, this world is so full of fear-mongers who are quick to condemn, to divide, to destroy or to disrespect, anyone with a message of hope is to be welcomed with open arms. In this climate, to be an inspiration is not just to give others the warm fuzzies, it is to keep them alive – literally. So when we claim that things can get better, when we argue that humans are capable of goodness and unity, or when we give people a new experience of themselves as the powerful, incredibly loving beings that they can be, we give more power to life itself.

If you feel moved to share, please email us 300-800 words about someone who inspires you to be a better person. Though we welcome all posts, we are particularly interested in inspiration you gather from people of a different generation and/or with different faith or spiritual practices to your own. We also encourage you to dialogue with the person in question. What would a dialogue between the two of you reveal? (Note that the US dictionary definition of “reveal” is: 1: to make known through divine inspiration).

Email to: divine.feminine.wsf@gmail.com

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