Gifts of the Divine Feminine


Yvette Warren is a grandmother, the author of the blog One Family, Many Faiths and a newly ordained minister in the Universal Life Church.My mother died a year ago. Her eighty-fifth birthday would have been the twenty-third of this month. Her death freed me to finally find the sacred in my feminine self. I celebrate the freeing of the bonds of patriarchal religious fears and abuse from both of our souls.For me the divine feminine is the manifestation of The Power of Creation in my … [Read more...]

This year the Divine Feminine blessed me with a reconnection to Her(You)

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Laura Paskell-Brown is a writer, student and spiritual activist. She runs the women's circle at Occupy Wall StreetI thought I was only looking for money to fund my PhD, but as I typed “women, spirituality and scholarships” into Google, up popped the website for ‘Women of Spirit and Faith’. That Google search led me to a conference in San Francisco, and to a wave of change that has transformed much of my life.She was there. She blessed me through sisters who embraced me, mothers who con … [Read more...]

What Is The Divine Feminine Weaving with Me, These Days of Waning Light?


Lynda Terry is a meditation teacher, spiritual activist and the author of The 11 Intentions: Invoking the Sacred Feminine as a Pathway to Inner PeaceFor weeks now, as the days have grown cooler and shorter, as the brilliance of fall foliage has slowly dulled and dropped, leaf by leaf, to earth’s surface, I have felt Her drawing closer. She pulls me inward, into my self, into Her, through a longing for silence … darkness … sleep … the swaddled warmth of womb space … the liminal space of … [Read more...]