Where Wisdom Lives


Love is love. Joy is joy. Beauty is beauty. Abundance is abundance. These are all states of consciousness. These are all Archetypes. These are the larger stories of Life Force that are longing to move through us. All we need to do to become vessels for this Life Force is open ourselves from within and receive.The acorn contains all it needs to become a towering oak tree.Women contain all we need to activate and animate our intuitive wisdom.Receiving is the essence of feminine … [Read more...]

What my wisdom is telling me…


My wisdom is telling me it is time. It is time to lead Denise. It is time to stand up and speak. Gone are the stories that don't fit, an empty hand grasps at nothing. Trust the ever-growing circle of strength, love and light around you.My wisdom is telling me, "we have always been here. we will always be here. we will always show you how to stand, how to walk, to sing and to dance. We will always be dancing."I forget sometimes. I forget that my body speaks so effortlessly. "trust the … [Read more...]

Honoring my inner guidance system


As I stood before a room full of beautiful, apprehensive women, I had a moment of doubt as to my presence here. What can I conceivably share that will guide them in this journey of discovery? What was it so many years ago that prompted me to jump head first into the deep end of the pool -though I could not swim- to retrieve the “brass ring”? Or be willing to walk barefoot over a bed of scorching, red hot coals? Or spend all night alone in the desert fasting and sweating? Or upon reading a simple … [Read more...]

Wisdom Brought in Feminine Ways


It was only ten days ago that 65 women gathered in my backyard in southern California on a sunny Saturday afternoon to explore the richness of “Owning our Wisdom: Women’s Way of Leading in these Transformative Times”. I am still buzzing with joy and excitement about what I experienced in the sacred space we created together that day. I can’t wait to revisit the precious territory where new models of women’s leadership emerge from deep feminine spiritual wisdom.This circle of women was called … [Read more...]

Motherhood – a lyrical poem


In a much lamented kingdom of imagination and remorse, motherhood stands naked and unabashedly unashamed. What a beautiful girl, the goddess of motherhood has birthed! That’s what I thought when I first beheld you. When I first saw you, my daughter, I thought you must be an incarnation of a rabbi; you had such a host of beautifully woven curls that fell down either side of your robust cheeks.  I have to admit I was rather surprised you were a girl.Before your birth, I had recurring dreams of … [Read more...]

What We Mothers Must Do

Yvette new pic

It is time that we mothers stop moaning about how badly the big, bad men are treating us and our earth and start saying “No!” to ourselves and others. We are the ones who are being handed the fruits of war in greater and greater proportions. Just as a cat will lay a dead bird at the feet of the pet’s parent, our men are trained, from birth, to bring us spoils of war as acts of worship of our womanhood.It is time that we stop preening ourselves while other women suffer at our hands. Our greed … [Read more...]

Poem from an empty nest

Lana Dalberg

A redwood tree shades the slender daughter shooting up from her side: an apt metaphor, I think, or at least one that calms my heart. In a few weeks, my youngest child will leave home for college. I both hate and welcome this change. Every few days, a sudden nostalgia pulls at me when I am least prepared. The faint tunes of a familiar merry-go-round make my eyes tear up. My throat tightens when I pass the pumpkin patch lot, now empty.The playground nearby is newly remodeled, but I still hear the t … [Read more...]

Mom muddling through motherhood


Wisdom came to me, late in life. Motherhood did not. I gave birth to my oldest child, a daughter, at age 18. Sixteen months later, I had my son, at age 20. I was clueless. Having had a mother who birthed me when she was just 17 and my father only 15, my role models for appropriate parenting skills were greatly lacking. I'm not faulting my mother, knowing that she did the best she could. I was damned angry at her for not doing well enough the whole time I was growing up and well into my 4th … [Read more...]

Yes, Daughter! Yes!

Jacqueline Hope Derby

I am not a mother, yet from the beginning of my life I have mothered. I am a hen without chicks, but instead puppies, kittens, ducklings, cubs, and bunnies fall in line after me. When I was little, I nurtured stuffed dogs and walruses. When I was a teenager, I came up with crafts and games for my young babysitting charges. When I was a young woman, I helped pay my way through seminary by taking care of a professor’s children. As a chaplain, I have guided, nurtured, and loved so many young women w … [Read more...]

Conscious and Sacred Motherhood


Motherhood is one of the most sacred and beautiful mysteries of the universe, un-matched in its deep-seated power and enigma... The unprecedented way that a women engages when she enters motherhood, exists on a level that she could never have known occurred within her, until it comes upon her... To become a mother is certainly a right of passage, that organically and divinely activates a woman in such Beautiful ways...Her motherhood shapes her in ways that nothing else in the world can.. … [Read more...]