For What Do I Long?

I long for a way to detach without creating fear of loss in myself or others. This seems to be the challenge for many friends, fathers, and mothers. There comes a point in our intense involvement in another's life When we must distance ourselves from involvement in their strife. We want to show compassion, but this must be done responsibly; We cripple each other when we refuse to set each other free. The dance of detachment is not a turning away from caring It is a vote of confidence in … [Read more...]

Fear and Longing in the Space Between Big and Now

We are the bridge builders. We are clustered here on this fragile planet at this time of transition with the assignment to build the bridge to a new kind of world. We are doing our best to live with compassion and equanimity in the midst of big unsettling changes … and  signs that even bigger changes are coming. The big systems that have held things together for the past century – the world economy, education, government - are wobbling and unstable.  Everyone I know is experiencing strange weath … [Read more...]

The Landscape of Longing

What I know is that during difficult times, we are taken to the very edge of what is familiar. If we are true to the experience, that is, if we are present and awake, then we enter a land where there are no footholds or landmarks. This is the landscape of longing.To live in this unfamiliar landscape takes tremendous effort, and it is here that many women wonder if they have made a mistake, done something wrong, and fear might urge us to override just staying in this dry terrain.The … [Read more...]

New Question for July: What are you longing for now?

From Hilary Hart's book "Body of Wisdom: Women's Spiritual Power and How it Serves""...longing drives us deeper in and further on, all the while supporting us as we allow the old to pass away. This support is possible because longing is an essential life-force. It is not an abstract 'idea' or 'concept' that sustains us for a bit but loses energy or appeal when a new idea comes on the scene. It is not like an object of desire that ends up being of no real use. Longing is one of the greatest … [Read more...]

Noticing that She wants me to notice Her

It’s difficult putting some things into words. Such is the Divine Feminine. She is most present to me in moments of quiet or in other forms of connection – like yoga, singing, holding hands in a circle. I can’t say I feel her very strongly when I’m tapping away at my keyboard.Still, there seems to be a place for voicing the un-voicable. Think Rumi. He helps us to tap into the Divine, though he is using the very mode he seeks to take us beyond. This is the sign of the master; his poetry never … [Read more...]

Noticing who I am right now

Who am I right now… I am a fledgling bird preparing her wings for flight out of yet another nest, an 85-year old woman who’s not done writing yet, a baby born into so much love his heart actually beats louder just to say, “me too. I love you too.” a man who walks through desert after desert and still follows truth like a sword that was placed early in his heart, a 65-year old dog who never stopped learning new tricks, two curious and eager girls on a walk with their dad that want to know y … [Read more...]

Noticing the role of women in changing the world

What I am noticing right now about the role of women in the world is that it is being taken seriously as the solution to the economic, ecological and social crises of today.   A new study released this September on violence against women conducted over four decades and in 70 countries reveals the mobilization of feminist movements is more important for change than the wealth of nations, left-wing political parties, or the number of women politicians.The book Half the Sky: Turning Oppression i … [Read more...]

Noticing the power of life to renew itself

Metaphor and Everyday Life: Our Maple TreeBecause of the power of its metaphor, I have written before about the maple tree that stands next to our apartment building. Nearly three years ago, this tree suffered the loss of many branches and limbs in the fierce winds of a rare September New York City tornado. Indeed, at first the tree appeared so badly damaged that we thought all was lost. Yet the tree surgeons from the city worked tirelessly to save our maple. They spent hours sawing and … [Read more...]

Noticing the rising tide of womens’ voices

What am I noticing right now……about the rising tide of women’s leadership?…about women reclaiming their spiritual power?…about your own spiritual journey?…about the role of women in the world?This question is so timely for me, as I have been chosen by WorldPulse to become an editorial mentor to a woman from an oppressive country. The purpose of the WorldPulse effort is to assist women who have stories to tell of problems still besieging women. The campaign is to fine tune the … [Read more...]

What are you noticing right now…?

Dear beautiful women,Spring is FINALLY in the air. Phew! (Sorry, I'm in New York...) And as buds and new life appears, so we start to see things. We start to look around us again, we dig in corners, we ferret out all of the junk we were sitting on during those dark days. And we notice. So the question this month is: What are you noticing right now… ...about the rising tide of women’s leadership?...about women reclaiming their spiritual pow … [Read more...]