You Are My Soul and My Life’s Inspiration (with apologies to The Righteous Brothers)


 Yvette Warren is a grandmother and an ordained minister in the Universal Life Church.  Her blog, which explores interfaith family values can be found at: One Family, Many Faiths My children and their children inspire me to be a better person.They give me hope for a future more sacred than that which my generation offered to them. Since their children have entered the teen years, my dialog with my children has been less frequent, but we will always have the voices of each oth … [Read more...]

Inspired by a fearless example of the Divine Masculine

Shivani's dada

Shivani Ray is a meditation teacher and performing artist.  Born into a Yoga and Shaiva Tantra tradition, her specialty is working with the power of creative inspiration, sacred intuition, and embodied instinct.  As a teacher, she strives to protect the purity and integrity of ancient wisdom while also applying it practically to every day modern life.  Shivani is a member of the California Bar and holds a J.D. from the University of Southern California and a B.A. from UC Berkeley.  For more info … [Read more...]

Who inspires you? Who gives you hope? Who keeps you alive?


This month at the Divine Feminine blog, we want to hear about people who inspire you.Inspiration is something we all seek, either consciously or unconsciously. Not surprising when you think that the word literally means "the act of inhaling". What inspires us gives us life.Inspiration is closely linked to hope, and though hope can be found in many places, it often comes from those around us, (in fact, HOPE spells out Hearing Other People's Experience). Think how you feel more alive after … [Read more...]

When we act as the Divine Feminine, we become the Divine Feminine…


Lynda Terry is the author of the forthcoming  audio book, Invoking the Sacred Feminine as a Pathway to Inner Peace, as well as a contributor to Women, Spirituality and Transformative Leadership: Where Grace Meets Power. Lynda was raised in the Protestant (United Methodist) faith, studied and practiced several other Western and Eastern traditions, and now follows the "pathless path" of a Spirit woman. … [Read more...]

When we act as the Divine Feminine…we begin to see through her eyes


Michelle Balandra (spiritual name Sumatra), grew up Catholic but now embraces all religions. She is a teacher and practitioner of the feminine arts, as well as the creator of Women circle NYC - Goddesses of the sacred fires. When we act as the Divine Feminine we begin to see through her eyes During the last two years I - together with my sisters - have practiced a simple ritual to end our circles. This ritual consists of giving a small candle to each woman and, as I light my candle, saying: … [Read more...]

When we act as the Divine Feminine…we no longer fear the cycle of life

Spiral motifs representing the cycle of life, death and rebirth are found in many Neolithic sites.

Jassy Watson, mother of four, passionate organic gardener, artist and student of ancient history and religion. Spiritual seeker on the path of the Goddess.As an avid gardener I witness the circle of life daily. I plant seeds, watch them grow, set seed, decay and then watch their progeny pop up all over the place. I find cocoons where caterpillars will eventually emerge as beautiful butterflies, flutter for two days and pass on. On my early morning bug hunts I find all sorts of larvae … [Read more...]

When we act as the Divine Feminine…we see leadership in a new way (Part II)

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Laura Paskell-Brown is active in Women of Spirit and Faith, where she edits this blog, and facilitates circles.  She lives in Brooklyn with her roommate Doan and a cat called Rupert.I’ve always been a mouthy, precocious little bugger. I was the kid at school voted “Most likely to be Prime Minister”. I turned every discussion into a debate, and my favourite activity was “being proved right”, which, according to me, happened rather frequently.So an organisation dedicated to developing t … [Read more...]

When we act as the Divine Feminine…we see leadership in a new way (Part I)

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Laura Paskell-Brown is active in Women of Spirit and Faith. She was brought up as an atheist but now believes in a Higher Power, which she connects to daily through her spiritual practices.A few years ago, when I started working a spiritual program, I was convinced that the purpose was to render me perfect. Looking at people further along than me, I imagined them to be totally serene beings. I looked forward to the time when I would no longer feel anger, pain or jealousy, and when I … [Read more...]

When we act as the Divine Feminine…we take one small step towards wholeness


Beverly Jane Phillips, a retired Presbyterian Minister of Word and Sacrament, is a Christian feminist theologian.  She has written two books since her retirement in 1999. They are Learning a New Language, Speech About Women and God  and From Heaven to My Heart, God’s Journey With Me.When we act as the Divine Feminine we are engaging with God in God’s struggle to reveal Her femininity.  In the first creation story in the Hebrew Scriptures God says to the universe, “Let us make man in … [Read more...]

After years of seeking, I forged a new spiritual frontier: myself


In "Literally the best thing ever: God", our very own Jamia Wilson blogs for teen feminist-fashionwebsite "Rookie".In the article Jamia explains how she manages to find God, even in the most chaotic and terrible of times. A great affirmation for the power of women's circles and an interfaith space that gives us all permission to find God wherever we see Her/Him/It.Click here to read her blog  … [Read more...]