Why I am a…Seeker of The Sacred Spirit

All efforts to put words to what we feel seem woefully inadequate when we are confronted with the overwhelmingly Sacred Spirit of the universe. Since the beginning of recorded history, humans have attempted with symbols, dances, and words to share their experiences. We have used meditation and hallucination to recreate and share those freeing feelings.As a Roman Catholic, my religion had rituals that included litanies of terms by which we called upon "God" and the saints. We had chants, s … [Read more...]

Why I am an…Episcopagan

I have always loved being in nature and when six years old would sneak out of my home at night and visit my sacred pond in the woods that was my sanctuary.  I talked to God starting at age three and have not stopped.  When I was eight years old I was baptized in the Episcopal Church that has nurtured me with ancient and modern rituals, music, prayers and the lack of “should nots.” When I was taking confirmation classes at the age of twelve I asked the priest if Jesus really was the son of God.  B … [Read more...]

Why I am a…Religious Scientist

I found this healing faith, philosophy, and way of life at a time in my life when my world as I knew it had fallen apart. The healing message touched me at a tender place – it was the first time I had ever heard that I was whole, perfect and complete. I had believed I was a broken sinner.I discovered that I was responsible for the choices in my life and that my thoughts had created all the good and the not so good in my life. I learned that I could change my life by changing the way I tho … [Read more...]

Why I am an…All.

There has been a great deal of media buzz recently about the growing segment of the U.S. religious landscape called “unaffiliated”; people who are spiritual, sometimes deeply so, but not affiliated with any one religion.  They are being cleverly branded as the ‘Nones” and are touted as part of a huge shift in our culture. My friend Anne Benvenuti has wisely observed that most of the “Nones” she knows are actually “Alls”; rather than having no religious identification, there are a growing number o … [Read more...]

Ending violence against women: UNITE: STAND UP, SPEAK OUT and TAKE ACTION

Jassy Watson lives in Australia. She is a mother of four, artist, environmental activist and organic gardener. She runs a small business ‘Goddesses Garden’ and is also studying Ancient History and Religion. Jassy has recently become WSF contact for local women’s circles in Australia.Violence against girls and women is recognized as a major issue on the international human rights agenda. This violence includes a wide range of abuses, including trafficking in women and girls, rape, wife abu … [Read more...]

Universal brotherhood: creating a world in which women are safe from violence

Monica Maghiar is of Romanian origin and lives in the US. She is a mother, dentist, entrepreneur and theosophist.I will offer a straight solution: universal brotherhood. This means to learn which are our highest ideals as humanity and educate people about them. It means to realize our unity despite sexual, religious and racial differences and work incessantly for others.In order to ignite brotherly feelings in between nations we will have to help in the international exchange of use … [Read more...]

One billion rising: global dance flash mobs to end violence against women

ONE BILLION RISING IS:A global strike An invitation to dance A call to men and women to refuse to participate in the status quo until rape and rape culture ends An act of solidarity, demonstrating to women the commonality of their struggles and their power in numbers A refusal to accept violence against women and girls as a given A new time and a new way of beingSan FranciscoIndia … [Read more...]

If my boyfriend spoke to me the way my mind does, I would dump him

Laura Paskell-Brown is active in Women of Spirit and Faith. Aside from studying for a PhD, she is having trouble reconciling her spiritual path and the voices in her head.Week one of the 28-day meditation challenge is over.For the first seven days, the challenge was to sit for 20 minutes daily and watch my breath. No intervention, no forcing it, just watching.So I’m watching…watching…but my mind keeps getting in the way: “Hey loser, did I mention that you suck at this meditating t … [Read more...]

Join the Conversation about Religion, Culture and Violence Against Women

Women of Spirit and Faith, and our sister organization, The Women’s Task Force at the Parliament of the World’s Religions, will be participating in the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (held in NYC March 4th-15th), as women from around the world gather to focus on eliminating violence against women.One of their offerings will feature a panel of women leaders from diverse religious perspectives exploring the complex topic ” Religion, Culture and Violence Against Women”. … [Read more...]

Who inspires me? Inspired by all of you agents of change

Ruthie Howard is from Northern California. She currently lives in Las Vegas, NV and works as the Program Manager at the Interfaith Council of Southern Nevada. She considers her religion to be interfaith.My good friend has asked me if I would like to contribute to this blog and I have waited this long to write this post, because I was stumped with the topic. Who in my life inspires me? Who gives me hope? Who keeps me alive? My mind has been racing and I couldn’t decide who and what si … [Read more...]