When we act as the Divine Feminine…we truly love our neighbours as ourselves


Paul Silvester is a harmonica playing Blues DJ (and civil servant), a proud Husband and Daddy and staunch opponent of the word 'guesstimate'. Since re-discovering his faith, Paul has supported a number of projects aimed at bringing a little more love into people's lives, and is currently writing a novel. His opposition to the word 'guesstimate' remains intact. When we act as the Divine Feminine we…… Hmmm, well procrastinate probably isn’t the answer. I’ve delayed on a long standi … [Read more...]

When we act as the Divine Feminine…we learn a new self-respect


Jamia Wilson is a feminist media activist, organizer and storyteller. Born Baptist, turned Christian mystic with an open heart and mind to all forms of spiritual truth, Jamia is a member of the young leaders council at Women of Spirit and Faith. A few weeks ago, Laura, the mighty editrix of The Divine Feminine blog and my Women of Spirit of Faith sister asked me to reflect on these words: When we act as the Divine Feminine…we respect everyone no matter who they are.My instinc … [Read more...]

When we act as the Divine Feminine…we listen deeply


Kay Lindahl is a dedicated spokesperson for the interfaith movement, an ordained interfaith minister and an Honorary Canon to the Cathedral Center of St. Paul in the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles. She is also a speaker, retreat leader, and author of "The Sacred Art of Listening".When I am acting from the feminine aspect of the Divine I find myself much more attentive to Her voice. I listen from a deeper place and I become aware of the wisdom She is always sharing but which I don’t alwa … [Read more...]

When we act from the Divine Feminine…we act with the courage of our convictions


Susan Naomi Bernstein is a writer and educator living in Queens, NY. Her blog is called: "Beyond the Basics" (for Bedford Bits)When we act from the Divine Feminine, we act with the courage of our convictions. At the same time, we understand that such action is neither easy nor automatic. Our convictions, if not held in the light of loving kindness, may become roadblocks in our paths to creating positive social transformation.  To remove such roadblocks, we must lend ourselves enough co … [Read more...]

When we act as the Divine Feminine…we connect to others


Lana Dalberg leads workshops that link spirituality with creative writing and social justice. Her book, Birthing God: Women’s Experiences of the Divine will be published in March 2013. Lana was raised Lutheran and holds a masters degree in Theological Studies. Currently, she is a member of herchurch, a Lutheran church in San Francisco, California.The Divine Feminine to me is gratitude, joy, and support. Why do I choose these three nouns out of a myriad that I could use? Because when I s … [Read more...]

When we act as the Divine Feminine…we frighten many around us


Yvette Warren was brought up in a staunchly, letter-of-the-law, pre-Vatican II, pre-human rights, pre-Vietnam southern United States Roman Catholic household, and is now an ordained minister with the Universal Life "Church."When we act as the Divine Feminine we frighten many around us because we are taught that awe is the same emotion as fear. Awe may bring us to our knees, but fear makes us fight or flee. The Divine Feminine is a force that is like that of a mother tiger protecting her yo … [Read more...]

When we act as the Divine Feminine…we create

Blue Hat

Denise Casey lives in Vermont where she writes, hikes, sings, studies and practices mind-body healing and just "keeps on showin up."  She is also one of the young leaders with Women of Spirit and Faith. While she still feels rooted in Christian teachings of her childhood, she has taken to practicing and studying Buddhism and earth-based religions and traditions.I didn’t really start writing until I went to Nepal. Letters and journal entries became poems and much later poems became songs. … [Read more...]

When we act as the Divine Feminine…our thoughts become our actions


Jassy Watson lives in Australia, is a passionate organic gardener, artist and a student of Ancient History & Religion. She roots herself in eco-feminism, goddess spirituality and earth-based traditions.   As Ghandi so eloquently stated: “Your beliefs become your thoughts, Your thoughts become your words, Your words become your actions, Your actions become your habits, Your habits become your values, Your values become your d … [Read more...]

When we act as the Divine Feminine…we take care of ourselves


Karen Boyett is the Executive Director of the Interfaith Council of Southern Nevada in Las Vegas.  She is on the Young Leaders Council of Women of Spirit and Faith. She is a Jewish Buddhist   Laura, my dear soul sister and the coordinator of this blog emailed me asking if I would contribute to the diversity of voices responding to the prompt, “When we act as the Divine Feminine.”  Specifically, she asked me to speak to the statement, “When we act as the Divine Femin … [Read more...]

When we act as the Divine Feminine…we work in circle.


Kathe Schaaf is a founding member of Women of Spirit and Faith, organized in 2010 with the intention of exploring, nurturing and celebrating women’s spiritual leadership. She is one of the editors of Women, Spirituality and Transformative Leadership: Where Grace Meets Power, an anthology of women’s wisdom. Kathe serves on the Board of Trustees of the Council for a Parliament of the World’s Religions, where she co-chairs the Women’s Task Force.At a panel at the United Nations Commission on t … [Read more...]