One billion rising: global dance flash mobs to end violence against women

ONE BILLION RISING IS:A global strike An invitation to dance A call to men and women to refuse to participate in the status quo until rape and rape culture ends An act of solidarity, demonstrating to women the commonality of their struggles and their power in numbers A refusal to accept violence against women and girls as a given A new time and a new way of beingSan FranciscoIndia … [Read more...]

If my boyfriend spoke to me the way my mind does, I would dump him

Laura Paskell-Brown is active in Women of Spirit and Faith. Aside from studying for a PhD, she is having trouble reconciling her spiritual path and the voices in her head.Week one of the 28-day meditation challenge is over.For the first seven days, the challenge was to sit for 20 minutes daily and watch my breath. No intervention, no forcing it, just watching.So I’m watching…watching…but my mind keeps getting in the way: “Hey loser, did I mention that you suck at this meditating t … [Read more...]

Join the Conversation about Religion, Culture and Violence Against Women

Women of Spirit and Faith, and our sister organization, The Women’s Task Force at the Parliament of the World’s Religions, will be participating in the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (held in NYC March 4th-15th), as women from around the world gather to focus on eliminating violence against women.One of their offerings will feature a panel of women leaders from diverse religious perspectives exploring the complex topic ” Religion, Culture and Violence Against Women”. … [Read more...]

Who inspires me? Inspired by all of you agents of change

Ruthie Howard is from Northern California. She currently lives in Las Vegas, NV and works as the Program Manager at the Interfaith Council of Southern Nevada. She considers her religion to be interfaith.My good friend has asked me if I would like to contribute to this blog and I have waited this long to write this post, because I was stumped with the topic. Who in my life inspires me? Who gives me hope? Who keeps me alive? My mind has been racing and I couldn’t decide who and what si … [Read more...]

28-day meditation challenge

Laura Paskell-Brown is active in Women of Spirit and Faith. She is studying for a PhD and lives next to a very noisy road in Brooklyn, New York.During the month of February, Sharon Salzberg, author of Real Happiness: The Power of Meditation: A 28-Day Program, is inviting anyone who wants to try, to participate in the meditation program she has laid out in her book.I first heard about this 28-day meditation challenge on January 29th. It begins today. I don't have the book or the ac … [Read more...]

Who inspires me? Y’all do!!

Laura Paskell-Brown is active in Women of Spirit and Faith, part of an ever-expanding global circle of women (and men) who feel called to show up in love.As you know, the challenge we gave you this month was to blog about someone who inspires you......I love it when I can’t answer my own questions...I mean, it’s so hard to choose just one person, it really is.However, I knew that a blog was expected of me. So sitting at my desk, I began making a list of names, hoping that one woul … [Read more...]

Who inspires you? North South Sisters

Ann Smith is Co-Founder and Director of Circle ConnectionsAngela Weber lives in Salvador, Brazil where she celebrates our Winter Solstice as her Summer Solstice.  She lives in a city that has 80% African descendants, the largest anywhere outside of Africa.  It is called the city of women and has a population of 3 million people.I first met Angela in 1999, when she by chance walked into a meeting that I was holding in her Episcopal Church in Salvador were we were planning a worldwide A … [Read more...]

You Are My Soul and My Life’s Inspiration (with apologies to The Righteous Brothers)

 Yvette Warren is a grandmother and an ordained minister in the Universal Life Church.  Her blog, which explores interfaith family values can be found at: One Family, Many Faiths My children and their children inspire me to be a better person.They give me hope for a future more sacred than that which my generation offered to them. Since their children have entered the teen years, my dialog with my children has been less frequent, but we will always have the voices of each oth … [Read more...]

Inspired by a fearless example of the Divine Masculine

Shivani Ray is a meditation teacher and performing artist.  Born into a Yoga and Shaiva Tantra tradition, her specialty is working with the power of creative inspiration, sacred intuition, and embodied instinct.  As a teacher, she strives to protect the purity and integrity of ancient wisdom while also applying it practically to every day modern life.  Shivani is a member of the California Bar and holds a J.D. from the University of Southern California and a B.A. from UC Berkeley.  For more info … [Read more...]

Who inspires you? Who gives you hope? Who keeps you alive?

This month at the Divine Feminine blog, we want to hear about people who inspire you.Inspiration is something we all seek, either consciously or unconsciously. Not surprising when you think that the word literally means "the act of inhaling". What inspires us gives us life.Inspiration is closely linked to hope, and though hope can be found in many places, it often comes from those around us, (in fact, HOPE spells out Hearing Other People's Experience). Think how you feel more alive after … [Read more...]