When we act as the Divine Feminine…our thoughts become our actions

Jassy Watson lives in Australia, is a passionate organic gardener, artist and a student of Ancient History & Religion. She roots herself in eco-feminism, goddess spirituality and earth-based traditions.   As Ghandi so eloquently stated: “Your beliefs become your thoughts, Your thoughts become your words, Your words become your actions, Your actions become your habits, Your habits become your values, Your values become your d … [Read more...]

When we act as the Divine Feminine…we take care of ourselves

Karen Boyett is the Executive Director of the Interfaith Council of Southern Nevada in Las Vegas.  She is on the Young Leaders Council of Women of Spirit and Faith. She is a Jewish Buddhist   Laura, my dear soul sister and the coordinator of this blog emailed me asking if I would contribute to the diversity of voices responding to the prompt, “When we act as the Divine Feminine.”  Specifically, she asked me to speak to the statement, “When we act as the Divine Femin … [Read more...]

When we act as the Divine Feminine…we work in circle.

Kathe Schaaf is a founding member of Women of Spirit and Faith, organized in 2010 with the intention of exploring, nurturing and celebrating women’s spiritual leadership. She is one of the editors of Women, Spirituality and Transformative Leadership: Where Grace Meets Power, an anthology of women’s wisdom. Kathe serves on the Board of Trustees of the Council for a Parliament of the World’s Religions, where she co-chairs the Women’s Task Force.At a panel at the United Nations Commission on t … [Read more...]

How would YOU complete the sentence: “When we act as the Divine Feminine…” ?

An exploration of the Divine Feminine is enough to fill several volumes; so expansive is Her scope. There is no definitive volume on this subject and no ultimate authorities, yet there are areas of convergence and agreement. Most agree that the Divine Feminine has been largely dismissed, shunned and written out of history for many centuries. Those who wish to prove the existence of ancient matriarchal societies have argued that this was a reaction against the pre-eminence of Her power several … [Read more...]

Video: Adelia Sandoval – the graceful power of love

The final film in our series follows Adelia Sandoval, cultural director for the Acjachemen Nation, the indigenous people of Orange County, California.Her ministry is called Song of the Earth, a Native American Healing service in an outdoor sanctuary. "A very basic premise of our traditions and teachings is that all life is sacred," says Adelia. "But the most important thing to get is, if all life is sacred, then so am I."Speaking about power Adelia says: "I've been taught that power … [Read more...]

Video: Courtney Martin – find where your deep gladness meets the world’s deep need

 The third video in our four-part series follows Courtney Martin - writer, speaker, activist and "freelance mystic".Weaving together many religious, spiritual and political teachings, Courtney hopes to help unite feminism and spirituality, two things she sees as intertwined."The call to all of us is to close the gap between what we believe and how we live our lives", says Courtney. How to do that?   "Be kind to everyone. Be curious about everything. And trust your own o … [Read more...]

Video: Valarie Kaur – a Divine vessel for spiritual activism

The second video in our four-part series follows Valarie Kaur, Sikh American woman, storyteller, and advocate for social change. She speaks of how her religion supports her deep belief in social justice, through its commitment to a fundamental oneness in the universe.Valarie is the founding director of Groundswell, a non-profit initiative that mobilizes people of faith in social action. Her award-winning film, "Divided We Fall" chronicles the voices of people swept up in hate violence after 9 … [Read more...]

Our book selected as one of the top ten religion/spirituality books for 2012!

Great news!Our book - Women Spirituality and Transformative Leadership - has been selected by the American Library Association as one of the top ten books for 2012 in the category of religion and spirituality. Congratulations to our editors Kathe Schaaf, Kay Lindahl, Dr Kathleen Hurty, and the Reverend Guo Cheen, as well as all thirty authors.    … [Read more...]

Video: Kathe Schaaf, sacred circles and the new leadership paradigm

To our beautiful readers,Here is the first video in our four-part series. It follows Kathe Schaaf, co-founder of Women of Spirit and Faith, board member of the Council of the Parliament of the World's Religions, mentor to dozens of women and inspiration to many more.Raised in the Lutheran church, Kathe now considers herself a woman of spirit. Her primary spiritual practice - the circle - allows her to honor the wisdom of the Earth as well as her own divine guidance.In this film Kathe … [Read more...]

Women, Spirituality and Transformative Leadership: Introducing the new WSF website

 Women of Spirit an Faith  exists to invite the many brilliant threads of feminine spiritual leadership into relationship and to support emerging patterns for transformation.Our Earth is in crisis and it seems that many are looking to women to heal the planet and to foster the flourishing of our human family. Before women can step into our full potential as leaders and guides in this moment:We must individually reconnect with our deepest wisdom and with our spiritual ro … [Read more...]