I’m being called to be a grandmother who feeds their souls while I feed their bodies

Yvette Warren's book cover

Yvette Warren is a grandmother and a newly ordained minister in the Universal Life Church.Click here for Yvette's blog: "Pass the Potatoes, Peas, and Philosophies" … [Read more...]

The Divine Feminine calls us to be thankful every minute of every day


Karen Speerstra, author of “Sophia, The Feminine Face of God”Click here for Karen's blog, "Great Gratitude". … [Read more...]

What is the Divine Feminine asking me to do in this moment?


Chandra Alexandre, founder and a spiritual leader of SHARANYAClick here for Chandra's blog: "Maa is calling me in this moment..." … [Read more...]

She is asking me to listen. Listen? To what, and who’s asking? Huh?


Clare Dakin, Co-Founder of Tree Sisters‘Listen in’, she whispers through the tension on my solar plexus, the numbness in my shoulders, the blank mask of my computer blurred mind. As I sink into the numbing routine of e-mails, phone calls, bad posture, forgetting to drink, forgetting to breath...she is whispering to me. ‘Wake up. Wake up. Remember your body, remember the messages that speak through your body. Remember the wisdom that pours through your body. Remember that I am the wisdom o … [Read more...]

The Divine-She is asking me to be grateful


by Meggan Watterson, Founder and Executive Director of REVEAL- The Next Generation of Feminine SpiritualityAt first, there’s a colossal effort. Imagine. Someone has hurt you or betrayed you. Maybe even someone very close to you, the closest you’ve ever let someone in. The action is most often, a reaction. A classic- put-up your dukes, a closing down of the heart, a massive constriction. A whole lot of “Oh yeahs” and pointing fingers goes on for a while. The blame game happens. And then yo … [Read more...]

What is She asking me to do? Conversations with Goddess

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by Laura Paskell-BrownMy Higher Power and I have frequent conversations these days. She is inside of me and I choose to call her Goddess. She is the part of me that is eternally calm, patient, kind, wise and strong. She is the part of me I lost for so many years and am finally learning to listen to. One of my favourite ways to communicate is to write a question in my journal and to wait for an answer to come. When my pen starts to move again I know that she is answering me. Here is a … [Read more...]

November question: What is the Divine Feminine calling you to do in this moment?

Every month here at 'The Divine Feminine' blog we invite you to explore a question.Now it is November (already!), we have a new question: "What is the Divine Feminine calling you to do in this moment?" and we would like to invite you to offer your piece of the puzzle. Blogs can be poetry or prose (up to 700 words please) but could also be videos, pictures and links to other sites that inspire you. Be as creative as you like!Please send your blogs to divine.feminine.wsf@gmail.com by … [Read more...]

Join global book launch on November 1

Join the global launch 0f Women, Spirituality and Transformative Leadership: Where Grace Meets Power by ordering your copy from Amazon on November 1! We envision a rising tide of sacred feminine energy sweeping in to make women's spiritual leadership and the Divine Feminine visible on Amazon.This remarkable anthology featured the diverse voices of women from many spiritual perspectives. Listen in on some of their shared wisdom:I better understand the ways in which the divine is born from … [Read more...]

More responses to the question: “What is the Divine Feminine?”

Anne Scott

The Divine Feminine NamesShareda Hosein, is a Muslim chaplain bringing people together one conversation at a time. She works with the Association of Muslim Chaplains in Boston, Massachusetts.The Divine has ninety-nine names or attributes according to Muslims. Many of these Divine names are incorporated and recited after the five daily prayers and randomly throughout the day by both women and men. These attributes are both feminine and masculine in nature leaving the Divine … [Read more...]

Blog carnival: links to blogs


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