Conscious and Sacred Motherhood


Motherhood is one of the most sacred and beautiful mysteries of the universe, un-matched in its deep-seated power and enigma... The unprecedented way that a women engages when she enters motherhood, exists on a level that she could never have known occurred within her, until it comes upon her... To become a mother is certainly a right of passage, that organically and divinely activates a woman in such Beautiful ways...Her motherhood shapes her in ways that nothing else in the world can.. … [Read more...]

Mother, please come, I need your help.


It’s the first class of my Spring Sacred Ritual session. Ladies of varying ages, enter the room. Hesitant, and curious. A few appear unsure, as if they are in the wrong place, one or two are down right impatient to get started, and a couple are silent and thoughtful as they take in the sights and sounds.The beginning of every session fills me with awe, wonder and expectation. Awe and wonder because they have come, expectation because of all that I will receive within the sacred confines of c … [Read more...]

Motherhood: the earthly experience of Divine Oneness

Michelle Dugan

Though I am in my sixties now and well past menopause, I still dream from time to time that I am nursing a baby.  These dream babies, however, are able to talk -- and so we converse.  I awake with strange, inexplicable feelings of connection.  When a child grows in the womb and is then born into the world, the process of individuation begins -- the separation of the One into the separate soul, traveling through one particular lifetime.As mothers, we are blessed with the earthly experience of … [Read more...]

Mothering: the cycle of love and mistakes


In therapy, in my late thirties, my therapist commented that it was a wonder that I had such a positive outlook on life having, as she said, “raised myself.” Oh, I had a mother, alright; I was her first born. She went on to have ten more… and to become a world famous physician. We all pretty much raised ourselves.But here’s the thing, somehow, her amazing optimism penetrated every one of us and so, despite incest, sexual abuse, one fatal illness that wasn’t, and all the other challenges that … [Read more...]

Invitation to blog: mothers, mothering and Mother Earth


It is May, and mothers are on our minds. Mothering is something that most of us do, whether we have given birth or not. Sometimes it is towards children, animals, or plants, at other times it is directed at the men in our lives, or towards ourselves. Some of us might even feel as if we carry the entire world under our care. Mothering is also a cycle: all mothers have mothers, who had mothers too...Mothering - giving and receiving - is tricky business. Yes it's beautiful, but it's also … [Read more...]

The Divine Feminine Emerging, Embodied, and Emboldened

From left to right: Kathe Schaaf, Mohini Mundy and Kay Lindahl - core circle members of WSF

FINALLY...We can’t help but notice that the world seems to have suddenly ‘discovered’ the value of women. After thousands of years living in the shadow of the masculine, after being pushed into the margins of power and leadership, after being silenced in every cultural institution – including most of the major world religions - the media today is full of messages that it is time to listen to women’s wisdom.Women’s leadership styles are being acknowledged widely in diverse segments of the … [Read more...]

Living the divine feminine: A Prayer for Divine Mother


For too long now, human beings have been living the crude story handed down to us through our Patriarchal Programming. As a result, we’ve forgotten the power and privilege of being Woman.It’s time to wake up.That crude story has discounted the Feminine in the Radiant Light which is all intelligence, all power, all beauty, all love. Truth is, without Divine Mother there is no Life!What does it mean to wake up?To fully embrace the beauty of our bodies from the inside out. To not mea … [Read more...]

Embodying the Divine Feminine: a difficult path to walk


Although I may have an ecclesiastical name, worked on Church Street and lived at one time on Ministerial Road, my name has certain association with a famous author and although I follow in her footsteps I am certainly humbled before her. No matter what, my name burns and surrenders before her sacred memory and that is part of my path.Because my name ended up this way as an accident of divine inspiration and birth, my divine feminine journey involves a love affair with the infinite power of words … [Read more...]

Body, intuition and heart: A very feminine spiritual path


"Embodying the Divine Feminine has perhaps been easier for me than for some women - I have followed and trusted Her and intuitively followed my desire to live a soul-centred life, and this I believe (as others do) is the way of the feminine. Tuning in to my body, my intuition, and my heart and trusting that I would be guided by Her in all that I did  in life. And after many trustings over the years, I learned that She would bring me through to the other side, no matter how painful feelings might … [Read more...]

The Divine Feminine: we are a movement of movements


 I feel like shaking everyone and saying, don’t you get it? We don’t need a Movement of Movements – we are a movement of movements.My friends, we have been trapped in old dominant paradigm thinking. We have been steeped in warmongering, hierarchical, competitive, control-based mindsets since birth. We think we are lacking something, or that we’re ineffectual at organizing, or we’re failing. We call for a Movement of Movements, like the War to End All Wars, a rallying cry that will am … [Read more...]