Accessing Alchemy

I am not a patient, nor a passive, person.  I have long since adopted the lyrics, “Every time I feel The Spirit moving in me, I’m afraid” as my anthem of action. I never quite know where I will end up, nor how many people will end up there with me. I was afraid to attend the WSF Alchemy Event in November because I know I have a tendency to soak up free-floating spirits, and I have to be careful to whose aura I am open. I was exhausted at the end of each day of Alchemy, and every morning woke in … [Read more...]

It’s time to run free! You ARE enough!

On Epiphany, January 12, 2014, I had an epiphany that I could leave behind work that was causing stress and free myself for the new.   Once I made this decision, my feelings of anguish that had been plaguing me soon dissipated and the song that ran in my head was Born Free.  All the “coulds”, “shoulds” and “should nots” were transformed into yes I can and yes I will.  Animals that had been missing now showed up such as a snake by my hammock when I was reading and an owl in my backyard tree.  The … [Read more...]

Imagination is more important than knowledge…

.....and yet another “sign” that I may be emerging from a denser fog than I once imagined. Let me clarify. Seeing the quote from Albert Einstein, who has been my newest best friend these last number of years, triggered a dazzling light bulb moment. Who would have thought? A brilliant, scientific mind who quotes the wisdom of the ages with more relevance to spirit than science. His photo hangs on my studio wall, and some of his quotes echo around my brain regularly. He got me with “sacred gift” a … [Read more...]

Trust Yourself! Really??!?

I thought I was going for a meditation workshop, but when I arrived on that cold night, we were locked out of the building. I shrugged – perhaps it just wasn’t my night for spiritual practice. Then someone asked: “Do you want to do a fire ceremony instead?”Sure I did.As we gathered around a small fire across town, he told us we were going on a journey to meet our past selves. We began by meeting our “spirit animal” – a creature that would journey with us. A moment later I was staring into … [Read more...]

Reflections on Alchemy: While praying move your feet!

Greetings Wonderful Women of Alchemy; I've wanted to respond to your blog post of 11/19/13, Yvette, ever since I read it. You colorfully raise many of the same questions that trouble me. You write:I felt more in tune with the women admitting they are warriors;Praying while in action is the way that I approach any cause. There are many women warriors fighting only through prayer; Do they have no action toward which to direct the rage that we share? I … [Read more...]

What are your dreams/intuitions telling you about what is next for you?

So much of our spiritual journey is about unpicking ourselves from the sticky web of "shoulds" and "have to's" - all of those rules and expectations we have followed for so long that keep us from our true wisdom and our own desires. Indeed, there is so much in this world that claims to know better than we do. Amongst other things, the "experts" tell us what to eat, when to exercise, how to be happy, how to take care of our bodies, our children, and the Earth. Not to dismiss these experts - many o … [Read more...]

Women’s Gatherings, The Greater Good?

With such suffering going on in the world, what might we expect, what patterns are appearing that can quickly lead us back to our magnificence?  After attending "Alchemy: Occupy Your Sacred Self", Sharon Maynard can see three...Read Sharon's blog by clicking here.Sharon Riegie Maynard was given the mission to “dream awake the bones of our ancient mothers” and could only do that with the help of Spiritual Teachers who knew the wisdom in the bones. Armed with “bones” information, she has en … [Read more...]

After Alchemy – A Focused Female Fight

Can we continue the conversations, brought up from the depths of our souls, Or will we carry on at home as if, each in isolation, can be whole? How I long for a circle with my strongest friends, To continue in Alchemy, as the conference now ends. I felt more in tune with the women admitting they are warriors; Praying while in action is the way that I approach any cause. There are many women warriors fighting only through prayer; Do they have no action toward which to direct the rage that … [Read more...]

Alchemy: tell us what’s been stirred up in you

Dearest Sisters,On that beautiful Thursday through Sunday of November 7th-10th we gathered together. The dust has barely settled - we know - and there are many effects of Alchemy that we will not be aware of for weeks, months, we once again spread out across the continent, we would like to know about your experience of Alchemy. Tell us what was stirred up in you. What changed in you. What was wonderful and joyful, and what was painful and difficult. Tell us anything … [Read more...]

I am Coming to Alchemy to Offer a Giveaway

I have been very blessed in my life. I have two beautiful children who were born in the water at home and have grown up in touch with the light of nature and their own beautiful light. I have a husband who adores me and is the best father I have ever witnessed. I was born to parents who wanted me and adored me completely. My parents and my husband have all been willing to weather the storms of my intensity and moodiness with unconditional love.I have been blessed, too, to work with the earth … [Read more...]