[VIDEO] I Want What They Have


Jealousy. Envy. Coveteousness. Call it what you want. It’s rooted in a lack of satisfaction with what you already have, and/or a resentment for what others have. Perceived scarcity driven by comparrison can eat you up inside, and drive negative feelings and behavior. I’ve been there. Constantly chasing what other people have. And it’s a cycle that never ends. [Read more...]

There Is Always Enough


While I’ve always loved the smell and shiny packaging of new dreams, they usually choke to death in the cellophane. Whenever I’d bring one home, I’d fantasize about the plots and special features. But then I’d never bother to open them up because—well, my DVD player didn’t work.

The metal prongs on my cord were bent. [Read more...]

[VIDEO] How Do You Define Leadership?


I used to think a leader was the one person in the room with authority to get other people to do stuff. But that didn’t feel complete. Then I defined as leader simply as someone who has people following them. That didn’t seem like enough either.

Additionally, it always seemed like people needed special qualifications to be a leader. Wrong again. [Read more...]

The (Unofficial) Tony Gwynn Guide to Being Awesome

tony gwynn

Baseball fans everywhere are mourning the loss this week of one of MLB’s greatest players, Tony Gwynn. In his 20 years of playing at the professional level, Gwynn has built an impressive resume that includes 15 selections to the All-Star team, 8 batting titles, and 5 Golden Glove awards. He was selected to the Hall of Fame in his first year of eligibility, and it’s easy to see why when… [Read more...]

God Calls Us to Be Leaders Wherever We Are

leadership influence

My wife Debra and I were sitting on a park bench overlooking a small lake. We were having our morning coffee and talking about the day ahead—the ordinary stuff of life. When our two daughters’ names came up, Debra suddenly paused and got a faraway look in her eyes.

After a long silence she said: “My job… [Read more...]

[VIDEO] Multitasking


We ALL have lots going on. But where do you draw the line? Which side of the fence are you on? There’s a fine line between multitasking and spinning out of control. [Click to tweet!] Burnout often happens when we take on too much. Our plates get overloaded, sometimes with good things, and it all [Read More...]

What Does Sin Look Like in the Internet Age?

Screenshot 2014-06-12 09.36.34

  Editor’s Note: another great post by The High Calling summer intern, Nathan Roberts Bless me, Guardian, for I have sinned. Just when you think we might’ve finally abolished that pesky notion of universal sin, The Guardian and The National Film Board of Canada are asking us to think again. On Monday, they released a [Read More...]

Three Things to Do When Your Career Hurts You


by Claire Burge I am eating a peach. I notice the white flesh that is laced with streaks of pinkish red fibers. I feel the fluff of the skin like an abrasion against my own. I taste the sugar water that pours from within it and I realize that I have not taken life in [Read More...]

Building the Millennium Falcon (or How to Be Iconic)

millennium falcon, star wars, icon, iconic

Okay, so some of you (like me) are geeking out over this. While others are wondering what the big deal is. If you’re in the latter group, then I just ask that you bear with me. The big Star Wars reference here is really only to make a bigger point about being (or creating something) [Read More...]

[VIDEO] What is your responsibility to the greater community?


Dwaine Massey says, “I think it’s important for us to be representatives of Christ, to be ambassadors wherever we find ourselves.” In his role as an attorney, he’s able to add value to charitable organizations by serving on their boards and assisting with legal guidance. For others of us, it might be meeting different kinds [Read More...]