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The name Pangea is not found in the Bible, but what it conveys is a powerful metaphor for the kingdom of God.  In Ancient Greek, Pangea means – “entire” “earth.”  It was the “super-continent” that was formed prior to the tectonic plates eventually shifting to break apart the world into the seven continents we currently know.  Where this becomes a theological concept is the idea that God’s kingdom is one that unites the world under his perfect reign.  We are united as a global church that takes our citizenship from a kingdom devised of every tribe, nation, and tongue.  To this kingdom and to the King of Kings we give our full and primary allegiance, even as we sojourn in a land that is called America.  Our identity as Christ-followers transcends the borders of any nation or anything else our culture creates to divide people.  Pangea is the kingdom that God will eventually set up when he returns to renew the cosmos and to flood it with his heavenly justice, and Pangea is the kingdom to which we are called to be ambassadors for Christ in the present.