A couple of weeks ago, I introduced you to my friend Bonnie Kristian. She is the author of A Flexible Faith: Rethinking What It Means to Follow Jesus Today. Her guest post (“What happens to people who never hear about Jesus?”) was so well received that I asked if she’d be up to sharing with us once more. Today, we get another excerpt from her book, which… by the way… just released: THIS WEEK! This is a book that I highly recommend. As… Read more

I hope you are doing well. These past couple of weeks have been full. I’ve been part of a spiritual formation retreat for leaders and I’ve been pluggin’ away at school work. (If all goes to plan, I graduate from my MA program in June!). Although May feels busy, I am leaning into it with joy. I hope you are finding joy as we move closer to summer (well, for us Seattleites, summer doesn’t start until July 1 in most… Read more

Is it fair for God to treat people who have honestly never heard this stuff the same way he treats people who knowingly reject him? Is ignorance as bad as an intentional embrace of evil? Christians have historically answered these questions three ways, positing theories that are today called exclusivism, inclusivism, and postmortem evangelism. Read more

I thought you might want to know that the rapture is set to occur on April 23rd. According to Christian Numerologist David Meade, we all need to be ready. <<<By the way, this reflection is based on podcast episode #4 from, Rapture Drill: Reframing Revelation, the End Times, & Our Weird Obsession with the Apocalypse.>>> Planet X, which isn’t a thing according to NASA, is set to appear as a sign to bring about the rapture and tribulation. This will lead to… Read more

My Interview with writer and director, Andrew Hyatt, of Paul, Apostle of Christ:  Subscribe via iTunes or Google This past weekend was full. Perhaps it was for you too. Before I tell you about my experience with the Paul movie, it is worth mentioning the most meaningful weekend of the Church calendar. It started off with two Good Friday gatherings. We read the passion narrative and intentionally didn’t take communion (which is a common fast to take on this day). Then, Holy… Read more

I grew up around charts. Big. Scary. Charts. Can you relate? And on these charts were several pictures accompanied by verse labels and a timeline. Oh, yeah, gotta have the timeline figured out. These always came with the acknowledgement that no one could truly know the day or the hour. Yet, there was a common vibe afloat–at least in my circles–that the second coming would happen within our lifetimes. First, the rapture. Then, the rise of the anti-Christ. Then, 7… Read more

Recently I had a unique opportunity. I was asked, by members of the Comparative Religion M.A. cohort at the University of Washington, to lead a conversation on being a pastor who is also an aspiring scholar. Most of them were not Christian in any sense of the word. And yet, they were interested. Why? I’m convinced that many folks are awakening to the fact that something is missing. The church and state divide often becomes a divide between faith and… Read more

​Today, I have something that may be a huge paradigm shift for you. ​You’ve heard the story: Saul became Paul. It is a powerful story. A Jewish man once hell-bent on the destruction of Christianity became convinced that his life was nothing without Christ. The name change from Saul (old identity) to Paul (suffering for Jesus / new identity) is a reminder for many people that our lives are never the same after we embrace Jesus as Messiah and Lord…. Read more

…many of those who cling more tightly to their weapons at times like this are Christians who would label themselves as conservatives. These people of course will defend their rights to “bear arms” as part of their heritage as Americans, as this seems promised under the Second Amendment. Of course, I have never actually met one who also claims to be part of a well-regulated state militia, which was the grounds for the Second Amendment in the first place. Beyond this however, I think we get a peek at the larger and deeper issue. What this reveals is an issue of trust, and what we trust is what we ultimately worship. Read more

The Bible has this grand story it tells, a grand narrative that proclaims a Creator God that loves creation. Humans, whom this God deems as bearing the image of the Divine, are the pinnacle of God’s creative process. They are designed to be God’s representatives on the earth. This is facilitated through four relationships: to God, to others, to all creation, and to the self. This web of relationships is what many theologians call “shalom.” Shalom is a Hebrew word… Read more

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