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  • Nailing It to the Door… – Dan Martin & Ben Bajarin
  • The Broken Telegraph – Ian Ebright & Tiffany Lucas
  • New Ways Forward – Mason Slater
  • A Chorus of Echoes – Jon Paran Aran
  • Andrew Perriman – P.ost
  • Discipleship Dojo – James-Michael Smith
  • Left Cheek – Jason Dye
  • Do Different – David Bunce
  • The Boy with the Thorn in His Side – Travis Mamone
  • Theology 21 – Renovating Theology for a New Generation
  • The Charismanglican – Joey Aszterbaum
  • The Cost of Community -Jamie Arpin-Ricci
  • The WayWard Follower – Michael J Kimpan
  • Fatherhood Etc. – David Ozab
  • Students of Jesus – Ray Hollenbach
  • Dale Best
  • Brambonius in English – Bram Cools
  • The Alternative Mainstream – Charles Redfern
  • eckSermonator – Jason Hess
  • Unheard Wordz – Bob Ingle
  • Josh Vestal
  • Greg Dill
  • Joe Sales – Unscripted Joe (On this blog, I write about life, faith, issues, and other topics from a Catholic perspective.)
  • Martin Troyer – the Peace Pastor (I blog for the Houston Chronicle about Jesus, peace, justice, and faith, all because of, not in spite of my ‘Christian’ faith.)
  • Dave Wainscott – Holy Heteroclite (Blog on church and culture)
  • Jeff K. Clarke (The primary purpose of this blog is to offer reflections, reviews, and responses to various biblical and theological ideas that have shaped and are shaping the contemporary landscape)
  • Wes Spears – Reluctant Baptist (Theological commentary from my odd Mainline/Anabaptist-while-living-in-the-Baptist-tradition perspective. Also some fiction.)
  • Kellen Freeman (Once I entered seminary, my whole perspective on faith changed dramatically. I began to see the world through a new lens. My blog is about coming to terms with life and faith since this shift happened.)
  • Jeffery W Roop – Church Blogmatics (church, faith and theology with a little bit of culture for good measure)
  • Ryan Dueck – Rumblings (hope, humor, and other eschatological goodies)
  • Jeff Lovell (I blog about discovering life in the Kingdom, pastoring with my church family, leadership, etc.)
  • Derek Flood – Author, artist, and theologian at The Rebel God blog (I have a book coming out on the atonement [I take on penal substitution and propose that its unbiblical and that we need to have an understanding of the cross rooted in God’s co-suffering enemy love].
  • JoAnn Bastien – Plumb Line Community (I blog my devotionals)
  • James Prescott – (My blog is to help equip disciples of Jesus to restore, reclaim, revolutionize and re-invent church – and at the same time, what it means to be a disciple of Jesus – the two are inexorably linked –  to help point others towards God, and be honest with themselves and God about who they are and who God is.)
  • Tom Creedy – Admiral Creedy (I’m roughly a neo-reformed evangelical charismatic – I give weight to my Vineyard church at uni [Where I study theology] and my home Grace Baptist church. I love youthwork, thoelogy, sailing, reading, tech and seeing why people believe things.)
  • Phil Wood – Radref (It’s essentially Anabaptist-Mennonite interest.   Controversy, ecotheology and politics amongst other things.)
  • Rebecca Tatum (Challenging and encouraging Christians with though-provoking conversations, ideas and blurbs.  Attempting to disturb and disrupt lukewarm behavior and actionless Christianity.  Also, I am the web editor for and – the first is a mostly a blog for bible study and connection, the 2nd is secular, through the newspaper for which I write.)
  • Jeremy John – Glass Dimly (an activist’s notes on faith, god, and evil)
  • Annie Vocature Bullock – Marginal Theology (I blog about Desert Spirituality, homelessness, teaching high school, the Roman Empire, postcolonialism, and the people I meet on the bus.)
  • Peter Kirk – Gentle Wisdom (Thoughts on Life from a Follower of Jesus)
  • Greg Jeffers (I mostly take conversations I have had in real life with friends or family or whoever and put my thoughts on the blog. This leaves open a variety of topics, but I mostly blog about theology, faith, and culture.)
  • Robert Lloyd Russell – Abundant Life Now (Inspirational basic Christianity)
  • Steven Carter – Minister of Punk (It’s my goal to connect the secular with the sacred and show how people are trying to demonstrate their faith without being pigeon holed into a ccm type category. Likewise, I try to show where we can see examples of the Christian faith story written into tv, movies, and the like.)
  • Mark Currey – Monsignor’s Malaise (progressive community, mission, inclusion, and worship)
  • Jennifer Harris Dault – View from the Rafters (I blog about my adventures in ministry)
  • Allen O’Brien – an irenicon (I blog about the interchange between theology and culture from a Christian [mostly] evangelical perspective.)
  • Carter McNeese – Rambling Rambles (the intersection of faith, culture and life)
  • Daniel Imburgia – Tzim Tzum (Sort of the usual stuff, culture and critical theory, a little theology, and mostly my Icons and Art, best to you and obliged.)
  • Rick Morley – a garden path (mostly a lectionary based sermon prep site, though with some book reviews and the occasional rant thrown in for good measure)
  • Kelly West Figueroa-Ray – siemprechipil (This blog focuses on current social issues and inter-religious encounters through the lens of one United Methodist)
  • Kings River Life (A California Magazine with a focus on the San Joaquin Valley)
  • Lorie Lewis Ham – Mysteryrat’s Closet (Mystery Writer Lorie Ham, whose mystery series is set in the world of gospel music)
  • Drew Downs – My Shoegaze Faith (transition ministry, theology, parenting)
  • Matt Anslow – life.remixed (The blog is, like yours, a theological blog from a Christian perspective. It deals with the intersection of life and theology, a public theology if you will.)
  • Sojourning Spirituality (We blog about music, poetry, art, liturgy, food, etc.)
  • John Martinez – Indiefaith (I blog about life as a christian copastor of a crazy little church in Albany, NY.  Mostly issues of faith and justice and common sense.)
  • Alex Matthews – (I talk about different issues related to faith, technology and social issues.)
  • Bryan Berghoef – Pub Theologian
  • Bill Huffhine – Confessions of a Christian Dropout (My blog is the online companion to a book I’ve written by the same name that will be released by early August. It is the story of my journey far from the shores of religion deep into the heart of God.)
  • John W Brandkamp – The Augustinian Democrat
  • David Byrd (i do straight Biblical commentary, on a daily basis (for over three years), operating from a historical and contextual perspective, sometimes with life applications, but generally, from an informational standpoint)
  • Hurt by the Church? (I blog about church issues that cause wounds and division, the ideas that lead to these problems, and healing.)
  • Carl Laamanen – Losing Sight of Land (I blog at about popular culture (film, music, books) and the deeper themes of philosophy and faith that I see in them. We are friends on Facebook and I think you follow me on Twitter, at the very least my Twitter is @carltastic77 and I also have a tumblr at
  • Mark Lee – Musing of a Not So Good Christian (My blog deals issues surrounding the church both inside and outside the walls.)
  • Craig Falvo – Simul lustus et Peccator: Musings of a Lutheran in Exile (Politics, Theology, Faith and Culture, Social Justice)
  • Daniel j Fick – Post Tenebras Lux (working on theological/cultural posts from a reformed baptist perspective)
  • Matt Hickman – Simply Pastor Matt (Mennonite pastor specializing in Christian Formation of children 0-18. Ecology geek. Comic book nerd. Social media aficionado.)
  • Ordinary Radical: Living to Proclaim the Kingdom
  • David Wenell – Wandering in the Wilderness (faith & life & family)
  • Rusty Wimberly – About a Burning Fire
  • Curtis Lanoue – Curtis Knows Nothing (Blog is mainly about religion and ethics)
  • Stephen Parker – Mystic 444 (I’m Unitarian with a strong leaning toward Islam, Universalist, and very Mystical [perhaps “Sufi” from an Islamic perspective]. *Note: Stephen is a friend of mine.  We do not agree on many issues, but I list him here as a friend.*