Exploding a "Love-mine" Amidst Oppression In Burma (Rachel Ryon)

  As I sat in the bed of the mud-splattered truck driven by a Burmese man who called himself “James Bond,” I made the last part of the journey to a refugee camp on the Thai/Burma border with a very palpable nervous anticipation. This was a last-minute, only semi-planned trip – and I quickly realized [Read More…]

When Sucking at Spiritual Habits Sucks the Life Outta Ya

photo © 2010 FotoKatolik | more info (via: Wylio) ENFP.  My personality profile.  Among other things, for those who are familiar with the Meyers-Briggs Personality Assessment, you recognize these letters as indicating an unstructured personality.  So when it comes to incorporating spiritual disciplines into my life, I’ve gone through several phases.  I find that they [Read More…]

An Evangelical Reject Who Refuses to Reject Evangelicals

Last week I posted an article called “You Might Be an Evangelical Reject If…”  Many of you read with laughs, perhaps at the picture I created in PowerPoint (as I know zilch about graphic design) or at the clearly tongue-in-cheek nature of the article as a whole.  Yet some folks resonated on a deeper level.  [Read More…]

PPI – Does the Church Mis-sell Personal Assurance? (Friendly Friday: Al Molineaux)

A recent ruling by the High Court in Britain condemned UK banks for mis-selling Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) when offering mortgages for individuals to buy property. The court took the view that customers had agreed to take on the extra cost involved because they believed that they might not be granted the loans if they [Read More…]

Getting Into Heaven BEFORE You Die (Dallas Willard)

Dallas Willard is a stud.  Every time I have heard him speak, I want to hear more.  His vision for the kingdom of God and for the transformation of the people of God is awe inspiring. In the following video, Dallas is interviewed by John Ortberg.  They discuss what Dallas believes to be the biggest [Read More…]

Internet Integrity Matters: Web 2.0, Accountability, & Congressman Weiner

photo © 2008 Courtney | more info (via: Wylio) Integrity.  It’s a word that word in the church that is the outflow of a life defined by Jesus Christ.  He is the one whose own integrity we aim to imitate.  In so many ways, we often fall short. Integrity.  It’s also a word that Christian [Read More…]

You Might Be An Evangelical Reject If…

I wish it were otherwise, but, unfortunately it’s true.  Everything within me resisted this realization.  But, the time has come to admit it: I’m an Evangelical reject. The more I write the clearer this sad truth becomes.  This blog, as much as it’s served as a place to flesh out ideas I believe to be [Read More…]

Entertaining Angels BONO Unaware

Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it. Hebrews 13.2 I love this verse.  If you grew up in youth group like I did, you may have heard it used to talk about encountering angels that were in disguise.  The logic was: You never know… [Read More…]

The Body and The Blood: Symbols, Art, & Mystery ("Friendly Friday:"Carl Laamanen)

photo © 2006 evan courtney | more info (via: Wylio) “They are the most wonderful mystery, body and blood.”- Gilead, Marilynne Robinson I remember the first time I took Communion at the Anglican church that I now attend. It was a revelation to me. It was a grave, joyful matter, and as I swallowed my [Read More…]

Which Jesus? (Quote to Ponder: Rob Bell from Love Wins)

I finally finished reading Rob Bell’s book “Love Wins: A Book about Heaven, Hell, and the Fate of Every Person Who Ever Lived.”  I plan to write several posts on this book, but today I want to ask a question that Rob raises, which in my opinion is quite important when discussing issues surrounding evangelism.  [Read More…]

Dear Reader: Dealing With The Uninspired Self (Days When I Feel "Blah")

Dear Reader… Do you ever have days when you just feel “blah?”  Nothing motivates you to go change the world.  To do the things that you love, seem laborious.  To do the things that you hate, feels worse than they usually would. For me, the things I love include reading, studying, and writing.  The things [Read More…]

What Makes N.T. Wright Angry?

Would love your thoughts on this video from the Work of the People:   What makes you angry? If you could rant on the frustrations you have, what would they be??? [Read more…]

The Biblical Narrative and Immigration Reform

photo © 2010 Fibonacci Blue | more info (via: Wylio)   In America, Christian attitudes towards issues involving politics could not be more polarized.  On one end of the spectrum is the paradigm of the religious right.  They believe in small government, except when it comes to national security / foreign policy issues.  On the [Read More…]

The Death of Death and a Culture That Likes Dying

photo © 2010 US Army Africa | more info (via: Wylio) Death.  I hate the word. Death is a demonic power in the cosmos that holds all things subject to its lordship.  Its dominion is inescapable.  Many say death is a part of life or death begins at birth.  Others remind us of the totality [Read More…]

N.T. Wright Rightly Reflects on Rob Bell & Hell (Video to Ponder)

Thanks to the good folks at Alter Video for this interview.  What are your thoughts???? Wright on Hell & Bell from The Work Of The People on Vimeo. [Read more…]

Article @: Red Letter Christians (Tony Campolo) [Natural Disaster]

I want to thank you if this is your first time to my blog.  Its possible you read my newest article over at Tony Campolo’s Red Letter Christians blog.  I am grateful for your readership and hope to interact with you soon! If you are a regular at the Pangea Blog, I too want to [Read More…]

When Ministry & Calling Create Art ("Friendly Friday": Clint Brewer)

  The past year has been riddled with conversations among friends, family and christian colleagues about the nature of our individual calling within the Kingdom of God. To be quite honest, this is something that i have struggled with most of my life even though I grew up in a christian home. My father was, [Read More…]

The Sanctuary and the Flag (The Kingdom of Jesus Christ & the USA)

photo © 2007 Marc Nozell | more info (via: Wylio) What follows is a special 3 part series by my good friend Dan Martin.  He is one of the original 3 bloggers that I got close to when no one else ever read this blog 😉  Not only do we have some roots, but we [Read More…]

The Kingdom of Jesus Christ & the USA (Citizenship)

photo © 2006 brad wofford | more info (via: Wylio) What follows is a special 3 part series by my good friend Dan Martin.  He is one of the original 3 bloggers that I got close to when no one else ever read this blog 😉  Not only do we have some roots, but we [Read More…]