Surprised by God's Voice… (Re-post 5/21/08)

This is a re-post from May 2008.  I want to emphasize that this ‘peek’ into my personal prayer life is not meant to be about making me look good, but as simply a story of God working with a messed up guy named Kurt… The following is a journal entry from last summer. This was [Read More...]

Alaska Drilling? Yea or Nay? (Repost-5/7/08)

This is a Repost from back in May of 2008, but the question is still relevant to us right now… I was watching Good Morning America this morning and they are doing a special called “Seven Wonders of America.” The first of these was the National Mall, and today’s was the Alaskan Wilderness. says [Read More...]

Can Prayer Change the Future? Your Thoughts…

I haven’t done many posts on the blog in the past few months, but I want to ask a question that is both simple and has HUGE theological implications for how we understand God. Here is the question: “Can our prayers change the future?” Please answer the above question and give a thorough response to [Read More...]

Bart Erhman? Do You Have Any Thoughts? New Book: Jesus Interrupted

Now, I have not read Bart Erhman, but I do know that he is a respected Jesus scholar. Based on what I know I have HUGE disagreements with him, but I do not think we should be afraid to engage those who differ from us theologically. I would like to hear your thoughts if any [Read More...]

Why things have become slow lately

Hello friends in the blogosphere! For the past six months or so, I have taken the blogging a bit slower. I have moved to a new city, started a new ministry position (which keeps increasing in responsibility as God leads), and have become a full time student. Being full time in seminary and full time [Read More...]

Fundamentalism… Some Rants on Its Historical Development (repost)

This is a re-post from April of 2008: I have been studying a bit on the origins of fundamentalist Christian faith in America (many of the following insights come from: UNGODLY WOMEN: Gender and the First Wave of American Fundamentalism; Betty DeBerg). This is a movement that emerged in the 1880′s as a call back [Read More...]

Youth miniStarZ: A video for anyone in Youth Ministry or who just likes to laugh!

This is a video a friend sent me about being in youth ministry! Tell me your thoughts! (written by Benjamin Wallis for Student Life Camp 2009) Being a youth minister is hard work. Hard work that often, goes unthanked. so. THANK YOU …) [Read more...]

Don't Forget to Take a Sword With You!

For the few months leading up to a class I took on the book of Luke, I listened the audio of Luke multiple times on my ipod as I drove to various places. It is interesting to me how much fresh insight you can gain when you hear the Scriptures as opposed to reading them. [Read More...]

Closer (Series), Forgiveness and Reconciliation, Philemon Message

Right Click and Save Target As to play This is the opening message in a series we did called “Closer: Relationships in the Way of Jesus” (we borrowed the series title from Vintage Church, but the content is all original). In this message, we look at the whole of the letter to Philemon. [Read more...]

Quote To Ponder: Billy Graham on Evolution

This week I got a new book in the mail titled, I Love Jesus and I Accept Evolution, Denis O. Lamoureux. I have read other resources by him on this blog who put together an EXCELLENT e-book on the subject of evolution and original sin, but have not yet read the book. The introduction page [Read More...]

Atonement? Do Jesus' Words Get Priority and Do They Demonstrate the Rest of the NT as Heresy?

For the last couple of days, a kind man named Robert Roberg has been commenting on a post on the Atonement from just after Easter. If I am understanding him correctly, he believes that only the actual words of Jesus are authoritative and that the other parts of Scripture are simply commentary. Anything that seems [Read More...]

Recommended Resources: "Spiritual Warfare" Series by Greg Boyd

I want to recommend an amazing resource. It is a short sermon series taught by Greg Boyd, Pastor at Woodland Hills Church and author of several books. The sermons are titled, “Spiritual Warfare.” The first talk rocked my world: “a War-torn Creation.” Greg gave me some ‘handles’ to further reflect upon some things I have [Read More...]

What are some good books on "Community?"

I would love to hear your top books on Community. What should community look like? What has it been and what should it be? These are the types of books I would like to know about! Thanks! [Read more...]

Biblical Authority, Postmodernism, and Patristic Hermeneutics…

It has been almost nine months now since my article “Postmodern Biblical Authority?” was published on I have heard many positive comments and some critiques, but nevertheless it has been a fun journey (it is funny how most of the critique has happened on the comments section of the article on The Ooze). This [Read More...]

Pray For Kate McRae!!!!!!!

I am not one to post random chains or videos, but this is one that really touched me. A young girl needs your prayer support ASAP!Click the title above to stay up to date… Follow on Twitter Hear a song inspired by Kate [Read more...]

An "unpopular" 4th of July Post… Why this is Not a Day to Celebrate…

UPDATE: After you read this post and comment, Mason pointed out a very good article from Christianity Today written by Historical Christian Scholar Mark Noll (he is read in seminaries across America)… It asks similar questions from a historical perspective. _____________________________ ORIGINAL POST: I want to start out this post with a huge disclaimer… what [Read More...]

Help Me With PHILEMON Please! 1st Ever Video Blog

This is my first attempt at a Video Blog. I figure that now that I have converted to MAC-ism, that I should put it to good use. Give me your input on this idea as a whole, and what the video addresses. By the way, if you have a mac or a pc with a [Read More...]

Do You Have the Mark of the Beast? 666: Greg Boyd

Here is an excellent video to ponder on the meaning of Revelation as a whole, and in regards to the Mark of the Beast in particular. Let me know what you think… [Read more...]

Can You Preach a Passage Using Only a Footnote? Romans 8:28

In seminary you come across great teachers and books that you probably wouldn’t encounter otherwise. I have been blessed to sit under Dr. Tim Geddert in multiple settings over the last couple of years. One of his books, Double Take: New Meanings From Old Stories, is a book that I HIGHLY recommend if you are [Read More...]