Whose Kingdom, Which Lord? – Jesus and Nationalism

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Whose Kingdom, Which Lord? – Jesus and Nationalism (small group) [right click to download pdf]

I want to invite you into a five week journey exploring the connections in the New Testament between Jesus and Nationalism. For many, this will be a challenging topic to dive into, especially if you are an American. This is because from a very early age we are taught that the United States is a “Christian Nation” and that one of our callings is to take this country back for God. But, what if what we were taught is not the whole truth on this matter biblically speaking? It is to such a question that this study will explore. I do not write with a particular political bias or agenda in mind, but am simply a member of the Kingdom of God who is trying to sort out what it means to follow a crucified peasant revolutionary from the First Century. May your quest together point your hearts and actions towards that reality!