A Living Idea

A living idea in the Mind of God has inherent in it everything required to grow and flourish. It does not require you, me or anyone else to maintain it. It derives all of its requirements from First Cause, Spirit. On more than one occasion in my life I have struggled and fought to maintain a form that disappeared as soon as I turned my back on it. This was a living idea in my mind and required everything in order to maintain it- not from Spirit but from me. And while I am certainly part of Spirit, when I feed an idea that is not of the One it drains and depletes me. Hospitals are filled with people keeping alive ideas that are not of the One. War is another example of a depleting idea, one that cannot sustain itself over a long period of time. Forced creative expression, and unhappy work conditions, drain and deplete the individuals subjected to them. A relationship bogged down in “have to’s” and “must do’s” that are against the nature of the participants are exhausting. Huge rewards come from the practice of moving in the flow with a living idea. The challenge is matching our wants, desires, opinions and direction with the flow of Infinite Intelligence. So, I ask myself, “How do I live my life in the flow?” The answer is to have faith, forgiveness, and surrender.

Faith is knowing that everything is created with a purpose and that purpose contains within it everything required to sustain it – even me. Forgive means taking back my power and letting go of my story, no matter how real or right I think it is. I must erase my story from my vernacular, excise it from my belief system, and banish it from my concept of reality because it is limiting my potential.

Surrender is simply allowing my higher power to supersede my individual knowing. This means expecting an experience that charges me with energy and rejecting any concept that drains it. It is not about trying to save energy, but instead starting to spend myself with a knowing that as I give, everything returns to me in abundance. It is also about sharing myself in unconditional service.

The best place to practice this formula is among like minded individuals, and the best place to find them is at a Center for Spiritual Living. Our churches and centers were created as living ideas in the Mind of God for the purpose of awakening individuals to their own Spiritual Magnificence. There, you can expect to be filled by realizing (real-izing) God in your life.

I have absolutely nothing more important to do than to be my authentic self. I would suggest that that is true for you as well.

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