Are you just a secretary? Mechanic? Waitress? Just anything? Those are such degrading statements and have, in the past, made my blood boil. For me the two I most often get are, “So you’re just a flight attendant,” often accompanied by its evil cousin, “Oh … so you not a real minister then, are you?”Though it used to be a major issue for me, such comments no longer faze me. I take those remarks as examples of small, uneducated thinking, usually fueled by fear and judgment. I believe simple, an … [Read More...]



Are all of your expectations met? I mean, all the time? Probably not. If your answer is “yes,” please call me? I want to interview you for next week’s blog!Sometimes our expectations can have outcomes that are so far off base all we can do is laugh about it. That happened to me a number of years ago. I got into a conversation one day about my work as a minister with one of the staff at my gym. She lamented that she’d never been baptized. She told me she’d approached her church, but the classe … [Read More...]



Were you happy to see 2014 end or was it so terrific you just wanted to see it continue? Either way, it’s over and we have already begun 2015. What will the New Year hold for you?The answer to that question may surprise you depending on who you ask. That brings me to our topic, Perspective. Have you ever noticed how the media often reports the news and then backs up the story with a poll or survey? No matter how outrageous the material is that is being reported we can be lulled into b … [Read More...]

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What Are Your Traditions?

What sort of traditions do you have? While we experience our personal, family or cultural traditions throughout the year, it seems the winter holiday season often hold the most cherished or memorable.Do you attempt to re-create those traditions year-after-year? If so, how do you feel when something (or someone!) doesn’t live up to your expectations?I’ve been traveling a lot lately. The massive decorating that happens at our home in December has fallen on the rest of my family. And, I mus … [Read More...]


How Difficult Is This Anyway?

Do you notice how some people can make the simplest things into a hot mess? You’re thinking of someone aren’t you? Perhaps it’s the woman in line in front of you at the store who looks shocked when the clerk asks for her credit card. This simple request is then followed by a few minutes of searching through a bag the size of Rhode Island that hasn’t been cleaned out since the Carter administration. Or, maybe you’re thinking of the time it takes your spouse or partner to decide where to go to dinn … [Read More...]


Ding, Ding, Ding, Ding, Ding!

Do you have a “Cardinal Rule?” I do and I broke mine today. How? I went to the mall.You see, it’s the week before Thanksgiving. That means it’s after October 15, my “drop-dead-last-day-in-a-mall-before-Christmas” Cardinal Rule.I don’t do last-minute Christmas shopping. I shop a great deal online, which means much of my shopping is done before fall begins. We also frequent craft shows, antique stores and festivals, all of which are in abundance in south central Pennsylvania. Plus, we celeb … [Read More...]


The Prism of Your Soul

Do you like it when people pigeon-hole you into category assigned you a label? I sure don’t. Human beings are multi-faceted creatures. To make situations easier for ourselves we frequently place each other into convenient categories. All too often these labels fall far short of describing who we are as individuals.Psychologist Dr. Dan Gottlieb reported working with a young woman who told him:  “I feel like my soul is a prism, but everybody just sees one color. Nobody sees the prism.”What … [Read More...]


THE TRUTH ABOUT SPARE THE ROD AND SPOIL THE CHILDBy NIRVANA REGINALD GAYLEThis morning I was watching First Take on ESPN with Skip Bayless, Stephen A. Smith & Cari Champion. They were talking about the recent plight of the football player Adrianne Peterson and his plea deal for the child abuse of beating his son. He got a simple slap on the wrist of a misdemeanor and 80 hours of community service. There we no additional requirement for individual counseling or parenting classes which … [Read More...]


Yes, Precious, It DOES Matter

There WILL be a spiritual component to this writing … I promise … but you need a little “set-up” for it.So … I'm off to my “day job” as a flight attendant, going through the "Known Crew Member (KCM)" security check at BWI last Monday morning at 4:35am for my 5:00am sign-in.I hand my passport to the TSA agent, scan my KCM badge, then hold my airline ID badge for her to compare my ID, passport and the photo of me on the monitor.She looks at my passport.She looks at my badge.She … [Read More...]

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Demonstration 101

Years ago Jack Nicholson starred as a devilish character in the adaptation of John Updike’s book The Witches of Eastwick. As with many of his movies, it was a bit quirky and it showcased the talents of some of the best and most popular actresses of the day, including Cher in the role of a sculptress.Nicholson befriends the women and went about teaching them what they needed to know about creation, and the way things worked.The image that stuck with me from the movie was when Nicholson h … [Read More...]