Would You Like to Prosper in Life?

Theme for the Week of April 25: Kinship With All Life  Affirmation:  We see a world in which kinship with all life prospers.Do you believe we still live in a “dog-eat-dog” world? When media feeding frenzies highlight what’s wrong on our planet it could leave us to agree. And, many businesses are still operating with the model that there’s only room for one at the top. This week in our daily discussions over at the Facebook® page for Spirit, Mind and Body Foundation we’ll be looking again a … [Read More...]

Say WHAT?!?

Theme for the Week of April 18: Consciousness Creates Reality“We believe that the manifest universe is the body of God.” – Ernest Holmes Are you enjoying the themes so far this year? Please let me know what you think! While I’m committed to joining other spiritual communities in this quest of #TheGlobalVision - #AWorldThatWorksForEveryone, I want to make sure that we are discussing and thinking about how these themes and ideas fit into our own lives, how we can live happier, more product … [Read More...]

Do You Want to Be Alone?

Theme for the Week of April 11: You Cannot Disconnect From Life Affirmation: We see a world in which we live and grow as One Global Family that respects and honors the interconnectedness of all life.  Do you ever want to get away from it all? As complicated as our modern lives can get at times it’s no wonder if you do. We all deserve a break from the daily grind. Or not! We could talk about when we let ourselves get into jobs or lives that are a grind, but that’s not our topi … [Read More...]

Powerful Healing

Theme for the month of April The Global Vision:  Kinship With All Life Theme for the week of April 4: Place No Limit On Principle We believe in healing through the power of this Mind.” – Ernest Holmes Did you know that some people won’t pray for the “little things,” because they’re afraid they’ll bother God? “God’s got bigger problems to deal with than my bad back, relationship issues, etc.” Seriously?Divine Mind or Universal Intelligence, other terms for God – that power that is greate … [Read More...]

Will You Accept or Except?

Theme for the Week of March 28: Identify Yourself With What You Want Affirmation:  We see a world in which individuals rediscover their personal power to create an individual life that works within a life that works for everyone. Do you see yourself accepting something before you physically have it in your possession? Or, do you wish you had something, but don’t see how it’s possible to have it? Why do we disbelieve we can acquire the very things we desire?Actually, there are number of r … [Read More...]

Is The World Getting You Down?

Theme for the Week of March 21, 2016 Don’t Bring Me Down:  The challenges of group consciousness  “We believe in control of conditions through the power of this Mind.” – Ernest Holmes Have you had just about enough of the 2016 U.S. presidential campaigning yet? Personally, I can’t get enough of it. HUH?Perhaps you are troubled by the rhetoric from nearly all candidates, misleading ads and a particularly ugly brand of violence witnessed at some rallies. But we have an opportunity – here or … [Read More...]

Train Your Brain!

Theme for the Week of March 14: Your Mind and How to Use It “We see a world in which humanity rediscovers the creative power of thought.”  Do you believe we live in a world of choice? We do, even if we don’t always like the choices.It often comes back to wanting to eat our cake and have it, too. In case you haven’t already discovered it, that saying indicates a tremendous belief in lack and poverty. How?Because if we truly know we are abundantly supplied by a user-friendly un … [Read More...]

Your Personal Experience

Theme for the Week of March 7: A Personal Experience of the Divine We believe that God is personal to all who feel this Indwelling Presence. – Ernest Holmes Does the theme and quote for this week resonate with you? Or, does it sound like some kind of metaphysical psychobabble spoken by someone who appears more in tune with their pot dealer than reality?Drastic contrasts, perhaps, but I don’t think my examples are far off. It used to bother me that I lived a life so different than most peo … [Read More...]

What Is the “God Within?”

Theme for February 22: The Highest God and the Innermost God: One God “We believe in the unity of all life, and that the highest God and the innermost God is one God.” Ernest Holmes Is the God in which you believe far away from you or disinterested in your daily life? Or, if you don’t believe in some Higher Power, do you feel cut off from the abundance you seek by some outside force?There is a solution to both these situations, if any of them ring true for you. No, not a litany of instr … [Read More...]

Unconditional Love

Theme for the Week of February 15: Through the Prism of God’s Love We see a world in which unity with God and connection with each other is emphasized. Is the love you have for your friends or beloved unconditional? I’d venture a guess that you’d say it is. And, from at least my six plus decades of experience, you’d be wrong.People aren’t taught to love unconditionally, myself included. Oh sure, we talk about unconditional love. We hear ministers preach about unconditional love. But do we, … [Read More...]