Joyous Living Practices for Choosing to Live!

Choosing is both a discipline and an art. Practice makes choosing easier as we build confidence and trust in our ability to decide and choose. Practicing making new choices teaches us that we can always choose again.

Begin by noticing the kinds of choices you avoid making. Remember that how you do anything, is how you do everything. The choices you are avoiding will show you something about what keeps you from making choices.

Next, look at choices you’ve made about simple things in your life, like whether you want to see a movie or go to museum, or what movie you want to see, and then practice changing your mind and choosing something else. Not at the last minute, although that will provide learning too, but in a way that you can explore how you feel about changing your mind, letting others know, and dealing with their reactions, as well as your own.

Finally, look for something you’ve always wanted to do but is a little scary or out of your comfort zone, and choose to go do it. Experience the power that comes when you overcome fear and choose to go for it.

As you go forward in all these practices, remember that learning to exercise the power of your choice is one of the most significant spiritual practices there is. This is the way your co-create your life with Spirit, and use the Law of Cause and Effect in a conscious and deliberate manner.

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