All One…

I was rolling through pictures I took a while back when we were in New York; we had gone to see “Bodies: The Exhibit” The idea was a little morbid – I have to admit was my first thought. Quickly, my curiosity overcame my reluctance and since I wasn’t totally grossed out I decided to [Read More…]

Changing boxes….

Changing Boxes I’m facing a significant on Saturday. I’m moving from one of the boxes I frequently check – that little box on surveys where I have to indicate my age range. I’d not given it a lot of thought until recently, but this year, I’m being forced into a new category: the 50 and [Read More…]

Who Really Changes?

I’ve been thinking that some things (aka people) need to start changing to fit into my life. As soon as a travel down that road, I soon realize in order to effect change within someone else, I have to effect it within myself first. Instead of falling back into old patterns of behavior, like trying [Read More…]

Cone Zones

While sitting in traffic last week, I composed a new driving mantra: “I love cone zones! Sounds crazy? Yes? But really, I am.  True, construction delays certainly take their toll (yes, every pun intended) on our everyday lives, but I know eventually I will appreciate and take advantage of the end result. What I don’t [Read More…]