A Living Idea

A living idea in the Mind of God has inherent in it everything required to grow and flourish. It does not require you, me or anyone else to maintain it. It derives all of its requirements from First Cause, Spirit. On more than one occasion in my life I have struggled and fought to maintain [Read More…]

Practicing Peace and Understanding Amid Fear and Violence

Our blessings and our prayers go out to Boston today after, yet again, another senseless act of violence perpetrated on innocent people. I ask that each of us take a moment and pray for those afflicted, and once again, I ask that we pray for our world and our advancement into a peaceful unity and [Read More…]

Relatively Absolute

In the Science of Mind, our founder Dr. Ernest Holmes, states, “We wish to affirm relativity without destroying Absoluteness.” He goes on to say, “This can be done only by realizing the relative is not a thing apart from, but is an experience in, the All-comprehending Mind.” In light of this wisdom, I tell my [Read More…]

A Blessing for the New Pope

First off, I celebrate the new Pope and congratulate all of the people of the Catholic faith. I pray that Pope Francis is as compassionate, wise, caring and clear as his supporters purport him to be. What the world needs now is another dedicated Spiritual Leader who truly walks in truth and has the courage [Read More…]

Here’s to our Graduates

In August a brand new class of ministerial graduates will become eligible to enter the profession. Never in our history has a class had as many advantages, options and doable opportunities as these fine and capable students. There is money available to sponsor and help in the pioneering of ministries in appropriate and potentially productive [Read More…]

Dr. Holmes Quote from Vancouver conference

I’m just home from a marvelous conference in Vancouver, Canada. What a treat. At the conference I was blessed to speak too many of our people on Friday morning and I have received quite a few requests to supply the quote I used from Dr. Holmes. I thought this would be a good place to [Read More…]

Politics and Religion

The question comes up every now and then whether religion belongs in politics? It’s a good question and it deserves regular discussion. My initial response, I suppose, would be what do we mean by religion? If we’re talking about basic human compassion and universal values such as equality, fairness, education, human rights and independence I [Read More…]

Responsible for Our Path

It can be quite challenging accepting responsibility for ourselves in this wonderful world, but the benefits are huge.  To refuse to be victimized by others’ actions or be subject to the whims or capriciousness of form, whether physical, emotional or mental, is a pure spiritual act. To live in the faith that “all is God [Read More…]

The Next Step

It’s my belief that everyone has the potential for greatness and that the only thing that ever suppresses it is fear. Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote, “They conquer who believe they can”, and in turn, they succeed who are willing to face their fear. I would think that most of us have some intention, either one [Read More…]

Happy New Year

One of my all-time favorite stories was shared with me by Dr. Arleen Bump the senior minister of the Center for Spiritual Living in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Dr. Bump relayed to me an experience she had had at her church directly following Hurricane Katrina. The hurricane had severely damaged her center in Fort Lauderdale, tearing [Read More…]