Today, I would like to share with you a passage from 365 Days of Richer Living by Dr. Ernest Holmes and Dr. Raymond Charles Barker.  This book is a fabulous source of inspiration, every day of the year. October 23: “This is a universe of activity and vitality, and if we would live in it effectually, we must be actively and vitally alive.  The Mind that created and sustained the universe, must have as its essential nature vitality and activity. … Read more

A person’s religious beliefs are the foundation for their perception of reality.  My favorite quote is by anonymous  “the God you believe in, is your vote for the kind of world you want to live in.”  The question has been asked if it is wrong to prefer someone from your own religion as a candidate for public office.  It really depends on how much that person lives and makes decisions based on their religious philosophy. For example, there are several… Read more

Recently when reading the 23rd Psalm for the upteenth time, I was struck by the psalmist’s words, “Yea thou I walk thru the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for thou art with me…” I was inspired to think about this “valley of the shadow of death” and what this meant to me. Here’s what I realized: I was clear I had been there and that it was not death—it was an illusion. It’s what… Read more

Our limited point of view is rooted in these outworn beliefs: 1. that life shapes us into who we are 2. that events create themselves 3. that we are fundamentally helpless 4. that we must learn to cope with negativity and handle adversity and put up with poverty and disease and all manner of what can only be described as Hell. Until we obliterate this old nonsense, we are not ready to stand up and be noticed, which is what… Read more

           At Centers for Spiritual Living, we believe that the universe is spiritual and has intelligence, purpose, beauty, and order.  Our beliefs are in harmony with all the world’s great spiritual teachings, and we honor all paths to God.  Whether we call it God, Spirit, Energy, or Universal Intelligence, we are ever conscious that all people, places, and things emanate from this Divine Mind that is within us and all around us.              We believe that God is a loving… Read more

The category “Spiritual But Not Religious” has become a growing and popular trend in western culture.  It is a catchy and cool way of saying “hey man, I’m totally in to Spirit and God Stuff – but I could do without all the dogma, rules and stuffy church things.” In some circles this growing trend and identifier (SBNR) has been viewed as a threat to traditional religions.  There have been several blogs authored by religious voices chastising those who identify… Read more

Centers for Spiritual Living is proud and honored to be regular participants in this blog. We are a  trans-denominational spiritual organization whose purpose is to awaken humanity to its spiritual magnificence and in so doing help facilitate the creation of a world that works for everyone. We do this by supplying spiritual tools for individual and global transformation. Founded by Dr. Ernest Holmes over eighty years ago, Centers for Spiritual Living honors all paths to God and has consistently been… Read more

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