Guest Blog – To Walk the Darkened Path by Tamara St. Amand

Many mystics have told us that the purpose of creation is for God to know Itself.  Spiritual philosophers tell us that our sense of separation from God and the ensuing search for reconnection with the Divine – the road back home – is for God to know Its own Divine nature through our eyes and [Read More...]


GLOBAL ONENESS DAY Today, Thursday October 24, 2013, is Global Oneness Day. It is a day dedicated to celebrating the oneness of all life and particularly our oneness as human beings here on planet earth. It is primarily promoted and advocated by the New Thought/ Ancient Wisdom community but also has extended out into many [Read More...]

Guest Blog – Good Day, Bad Day by Rev. Jill Brocklehurst

If I were to ask for some dark, can you do it? Darkness, isn’t a thing in and of itself. Darkness is the lack of light. At night we bring a candle and create light, it is effortless. If the room is light it takes great pains to make darkness. One thing I know about [Read More...]

The Danger of Sarcasm

I grew up in a household in which sarcasm came naturally.  By the time I left my home sarcasm was imprinted on every brain cell and leaked out of every sentence I spoke.  Out in the world I quickly discovered that as a method of communication, sarcasm rarely accomplished what I thought it would.  It [Read More...]

Fishing for the Right Answer

One of my most favorite things to do with my father when I was young was to go out fishing. We’d get up ridiculously early, sometimes 4 a.m., and it was usually cold outside so I could see my breath. Then my brother and I would climb into the car that he had packed up [Read More...]

Time for Some Teetotalling

The Tea Party seems to be on a bit of a bender lately that has the world learning more about the experience of what it means to be furloughed than perhaps it ever cared to know. It’s an interesting reflection of what happens when an agenda takes over and results in ripple effects that move [Read More...]

Light and Life: A lesson in Abundance Guest Blog by Juli Isola

I have a confession to make. My reoccurring life lessons, up until most recently, involved prosperity and abundance. Over and over, I would experience times of financial struggle followed by prosperity followed by more struggle. “I’m done with this,” I would tell myself when the dollars in my bank account dwindled. But, we bring about [Read More...]

The Rhythm of Life

I spent a couple of weeks in Colorado this summer for vacation.  I enjoyed hiking, horseback riding, and quiet evenings reading and talking.    But then I came home to a mountain of work, emails, stacked up appointments, and a long to-do list.  I noticed that it wasn’t more than a couple of days and  I [Read More...]

An Urgent Call To Action

Today’s world is faced with significant challenging issue, including shifting climate, the quality of the planet’s water, world hunger, a seemingly out of control economy, deforestation, and terrorism to mention a few. I recently searched the web for the phrase, “top ten urgent world issues” to discover more than one compelling list of urgent calls [Read More...]

Parenting with the Power of I Am – Guest Blog Post by Juli Isola

While Dr. Kenn Gordon is in Ukraine, celebrating the 6th Annual Ukraine Science of Mind Conference, there will be several guest bloggers in his place. Parenting with the Power of I AM by Juli Isola Early in my parenting role, I had the opportunity to take Science of Mind classes at the Center. In class, [Read More...]