7 Social Sins

Just like a great many others I am anxiously awaiting any news that will bring light on the motive from the surviving Boston bomber, 19 year old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. I suppose we just want to hear the reason why anyone would do such a heinous thing, even though we know there is no reason that [Read More...]


With this most recent violence of the bombing at the Boston Marathon and the recent killings of children at Sandy Hook elementary in Newtown Connecticut, the mall shootings in Oregon & Virginia and even the shooting at Taft High in California are all a cry for help. They are the call to prayer and the [Read More...]

A Living Idea

A living idea in the Mind of God has inherent in it everything required to grow and flourish. It does not require you, me or anyone else to maintain it. It derives all of its requirements from First Cause, Spirit. On more than one occasion in my life I have struggled and fought to maintain [Read More...]

Practicing Peace and Understanding Amid Fear and Violence

Our blessings and our prayers go out to Boston today after, yet again, another senseless act of violence perpetrated on innocent people. I ask that each of us take a moment and pray for those afflicted, and once again, I ask that we pray for our world and our advancement into a peaceful unity and [Read More...]

Relatively Absolute

In the Science of Mind, our founder Dr. Ernest Holmes, states, “We wish to affirm relativity without destroying Absoluteness.” He goes on to say, “This can be done only by realizing the relative is not a thing apart from, but is an experience in, the All-comprehending Mind.” In light of this wisdom, I tell my [Read More...]

Living from a Higher Vibration

Physicists are starting to come together around the notion that everything is created from some sort of vibrating energy.  This is how we can get something out of nothing.  Of course, others have known this for centuries.  Countless shamans and spiritual teachers have talked about the need to raise our vibrational rate to that of [Read More...]

Easter, A Story I Don’t Want To Pay Attention To

For centuries the story of Easter, to some faiths, has been the account of the literal resurrection of Jesus. To other faiths, it is a metaphor about transformation. For metaphysical communities, it remains up to the individual to decide. Nevertheless, it is one of the three times of the year when churches, metaphorically minded or [Read More...]

A Blessing for the New Pope

First off, I celebrate the new Pope and congratulate all of the people of the Catholic faith. I pray that Pope Francis is as compassionate, wise, caring and clear as his supporters purport him to be. What the world needs now is another dedicated Spiritual Leader who truly walks in truth and has the courage [Read More...]

Good Friday?

This year Easter comes early. Soon it will be Good Friday. I’ve always wondered why the day Jesus was crucified was called “good.” In my research I found that some say it used to be called “God Friday” and became Good Friday just like “God be with you” became “Good bye.” For me, the method [Read More...]

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust

Spiritual principles are all about creating a better life.  Ernest Holmes believed that we use spiritual principles for the purpose of manifesting the life we want.  In a recent trip to Disney World, I came across a pillow that said, “Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust,” and it occurred to me that this is how the [Read More...]