An Urgent Call To Action

Today’s world is faced with significant challenging issue, including shifting climate, the quality of the planet’s water, world hunger, a seemingly out of control economy, deforestation, and terrorism to mention a few. I recently searched the web for the phrase, “top ten urgent world issues” to discover more than one compelling list of urgent calls [Read More...]

Parenting with the Power of I Am – Guest Blog Post by Juli Isola

While Dr. Kenn Gordon is in Ukraine, celebrating the 6th Annual Ukraine Science of Mind Conference, there will be several guest bloggers in his place. Parenting with the Power of I AM by Juli Isola Early in my parenting role, I had the opportunity to take Science of Mind classes at the Center. In class, [Read More...]

Law of Love

Love is such a big word.  It covers a gamut of definitions and means something different to most everyone. Used in a Divine context it reflects a way of being that is intended to mirror an attribute of the Divine Power Itself. Perhaps mirror is not as articulate as I would choose, I actually think [Read More...]

This Amazing Power of Choice

Getting to the right question took a while.  It was a grand process.  For some one who is insatiably curious and loves to dive headlong into any subject that stirs my interest (rarely do I find something that doesn’t), the whole idea of “free will” sent me on a merry chase.  The debate about whether [Read More...]


GOD’S HEALING LOVE LIFTS ME By Nirvana Reginald Gayle In the midst of the Trayvon Martin murder brought back to our fresh awareness by the acquittal of his murderer, George Zimmerman, and even our President saying, “this could be me,” all of my old ghosts, hurts and pains were raised to the surface. In the [Read More...]


RACISM IN AMERICA Nirvana Reginald Gayle The recent verdict in the George Zimmerman trial again shows up the great schism in matters of race in America. The outrage at this acquittal, particularly in the African-American community but other communities as well, once again raises the concern around the issue of racism in America. Racism is [Read More...]

Communication and Inclusiveness

It is the desire and mandate of our organization to grow and develop inclusiveness and communication while always acting from the principles we espouse.  Having an inclusive organization, attitude, or intention essentially means we are conscious that there is space for everyone.  Communication means everyone has a voice, everyone is heard, and through, openness and [Read More...]

How Rush Hour Traffic in Ubud, Indonesia Helped Me Reframe Peace of Mind

One of the first valuable lessons I learned in my study of metaphysics was the practice of reframing situations and information into friendlier contexts.  As a result of applying this simple technique I discovered that the world is more pleasant than what my thoughts might be about it.  It appears that my mind can add [Read More...]

Step into the Mystery

Science of Mind begins with the premise that it is done unto us as we believe.  In the past, when I believed it was done unto me according to the vagaries of society, my family of birth, my educational status, or how much money I had, etc., I found experiencing joy and abundance entailed struggle [Read More...]

Father’s Day

Father’s Day…. Standing at the hundreds of cards in the store, I would read one after another and put it back, because I couldn’t find one I could relate to. I didn’t have a great childhood. I didn’t know how to participate in the holiday until I decided to honor the Father of us all [Read More...]