Love is What You Are

As we cross the threshold into “Love Month” I am reminded of something the poet Rumi once said:  “When I tried to write about Love, the nib of my pen broke.  When I tried to explain Love, I found myself floundering like a donkey on a muddy trail.”   Kabir Helminski, a translator of Rumi, adds: [Read More...]

Who Really Changes?

I’ve been thinking that some things (aka people) need to start changing to fit into my life. As soon as a travel down that road, I soon realize in order to effect change within someone else, I have to effect it within myself first. Instead of falling back into old patterns of behavior, like trying [Read More...]

The Next Step

It’s my belief that everyone has the potential for greatness and that the only thing that ever suppresses it is fear. Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote, “They conquer who believe they can”, and in turn, they succeed who are willing to face their fear. I would think that most of us have some intention, either one [Read More...]

Happy New Year

One of my all-time favorite stories was shared with me by Dr. Arleen Bump the senior minister of the Center for Spiritual Living in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Dr. Bump relayed to me an experience she had had at her church directly following Hurricane Katrina. The hurricane had severely damaged her center in Fort Lauderdale, tearing [Read More...]

Do you know where you are going?

How do you feel approaching the end of the year? Are you relieved it’s over, happy to have been alive this year, or looking forward to where you are going? I particularly love this week between Christmas and New Years. It gives us a moment to pause and contemplate where we are in the course [Read More...]

What’s the rush? Slow Down During The Holy Days

Each December as the year approaches its end, the staff and I make a firm decision to de-clutter our schedules and to do less so that we can do what we do more mindfully and better. We typically arrive at this decision overwhelmed by the busyness of the holy season and every year we are [Read More...]

Life Leaves Clues

I remember meeting a man who used to play professional sports. Even though he was only in his thirties he walked with a pronounced limp and was in pain constantly. What had occurred for him was this; he was playing in an important game one day and while playing he was injured. His team needed [Read More...]

In the Lap of Awe

The other day, while going through a pile of papers to be filed, I found a scrap with this written on it:  “When did you last lay your head in the lap of awe.”  Think for a moment – when did you last let yourself experience a true moment of awe? All of us have [Read More...]

Peace and Goodwill

I read my first religious complaint of the season this morning in our newspaper. Seems some retailer has put a Nativity Scene up in their store window and opened the annual clash of cultures. So off we go. Now every group opposed to any public display of the Christian religion will be vigilantly scoping out [Read More...]

Are You In the Holiday Spirit?

I am a self-professed Christmaholic.  I love the season—the lights, the music, the presents, the food, even the snow.  However, I found myself getting burned out by all the fun activities I tried to cram onto an already full plate.  Why must Christmas fall at a time when I’m so busy?    Historically, Christmas came [Read More...]