Is Odin-centrism monotheistic?

Wane Wyrds: “What really boils my blood is when I read some recent posts online that in essence compare Freyr to Odin or even those who go so far to say Freyr is simply an aspect of Odin himself.”

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  • David Carron


    This may be a newsflash but there are knuckleheads out there on the internet.

    Suffice it to say that such folks are an aberration from the norm.

  • Lynn

    I’ve never heard anyone say that before. But it would certainly boil my blood as well. It’s my whole beef with duality. Frigga is Freyja I would stand behind, But Frigga is Freyja is is Idunna is Hella is Sif is Skadi is Sunna? Really? And Odin is Thor is Freyr is Tyr is Baldr is Loki? For real guys?

  • Einarr the Storm

    I don’t think that you can reconcile a monotheistic worship of Odin, because you’re then ignoring all the myths and almost all of the pantheon. I mean Odin is the most important god in the pantheon, but you have to compliment him by applying all the others as well. I mean water’s what you need to live, but you don’t last long on just water.