The Wild Hunt Joins Patheos

The Wild Hunt: “Starting tomorrow, The Wild Hunt will be transitioning over to the religious dialog and news site,” Read more

Dalai Lama doesn’t get “One with Everything” joke!

BoingBoing: Dalai Lama fails to get joke about himself, but finds the joke’s failure funny. Read more

Daughters of Eve: Diplomatic Goddess Archetype

Daughters of Eve: “Rihanna’s video and lyrics, if one is really interested in the overall meaning of what she is trying to convey via “art”, shows a woman who is remorseful.” Read more

Religio et Pietas: Mos Maiorum

Religio et Pietas: “The first thing to understand about the Religio Romana is that it originated from an ecstatic tradition.” Read more

The Wild Hunt: Pagan Mom Blogs Do Well In Contest

The Wild Hunt: Pagan places first in faith mom blogger contest. Read more

Phaedra Bonewits: Isaac’s Memorial DVD

Phaedra Bonewits: “Then ADF contacted me. Then I contacted Isaac’s siblings. We were all OK with the DVDs being sold.” Read more

The Wild Hunt: Patrick McCollum on Pagan Prisoners

The Wild Hunt: “Today, I learned that one of the Pagan inmates, a woman named Nicki who I’ve worked with for years, died in the prison alone.” Read more

Deborah Lipp: Open Letter to the ADF

Deborah Lipp: “Imagine, then, my shock and dismay when I learned that ADF was selling DVDs of Isaac’s memorial service.” Read more

AFP Newswire: Malawi “Witches”

AFP: “In Malawi, people hate old people,” Nkhukuyalira said. “They think everybody who is old must be a witch.” Read more

Daughters of Eve

Daughters of Eve: “The main issue is for black folks who are caught up in the “dark vs. light” debate that, no matter what color your skin is, you’re black.” Read more

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