Is it disrespectful to disturb the dead just to find out they were a stoner? Or would this revelation about the Bard have a serious impact on our view of marijuana? Read more

Is this the mother-in-law from hell? Or did this bride-to-be violate hospitality? Read more

The Wild Hunt has officially switched over to Patheos! Check it out! Read more

Solstice derives from the Latin for “sun stands”, because the solar disc does appear to stand still for a few days. What the sun is really doing is rising and setting at the same point on the horizon. Read more

Friendly Atheist: “I know many of you are uncomfortable giving money to a church, but I hope you who can find it in your heart to help them out in this case. They didn’t deserve this vandalism.” Read more

It will be the longest lunar eclipse in more than a decade and the ash and sulfur gas floating in the atmosphere from the Chilean volcano may cause the moon to glow blood red. Read more

The Wild Hunt: “Starting tomorrow, The Wild Hunt will be transitioning over to the religious dialog and news site,” Read more

BoingBoing: Dalai Lama fails to get joke about himself, but finds the joke’s failure funny. Read more

Daughters of Eve: “Rihanna’s video and lyrics, if one is really interested in the overall meaning of what she is trying to convey via “art”, shows a woman who is remorseful.” Read more

Religio et Pietas: “The first thing to understand about the Religio Romana is that it originated from an ecstatic tradition.” Read more

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