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Point_03-22-17Who thought up this advertising campaign? Brawny paper towels has launched a new “Strength Has No Gender” campaign. The packaging features a flannel-clad woman in place of the brand’s iconic lumberjack. It goes along with a commercial that highlights female pioneers in science, civil rights, suffrage, aviation, and the like, all “breaking barriers.”

Celebrating female pioneers and historical greats is, of course, wonderful. My BreakPoint colleague, Eric Metaxas, did just that in his book, “Seven Women.” But in their rush to be politically fashionable, Brawny apparently missed that celebrating women with paper towels isn’t exactly “breaking barriers.”

And the slogan, “strength has no gender” isn’t true. Men and women show strength in different ways. Though to say so these days is to run afoul of an ideology that pits men unfairly against women in sports, and removes the privacy of bathrooms.

The way God created male and female makes human society possible. Strength does have gender. Two of them, in fact.

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