Yes, Fellow Protestants, Mary is the Mother of God (It’s Good Christology)

Theotokos–Greek for “birth-giver of God,” or more simply, “Mother of God.” It’s a term that strikes many if not most evangelical ears as “just too Catholic,” but the theology and history behind it are central to what makes us Christians, and what makes Advent and Christmas worth celebrating. I understand the hesitation evangelicals have about using this title. At face value, it seems to imply that Mary might be the mother of God the Father and the Holy Spirit, or… Read more

From Bill Clinton to Roy Moore: How Character Stopped Counting for Evangelicals

It’s obvious that the religious right of 2017, if transported back to 1997, could not consistently call for Bill Clinton’s impeachment. Read more

A Poorly-Tuned Analogy: Why the Violinist Argument for Abortion Fails

It sounds airtight at first, but the violinist argument is actually filled with fatal holes. Read more

Voting for Grishnákh: A Reductio-ad-Orc for ‘Lesser of Two Evils’ Logic

Is there a candidate, in a democratic system, for whom it would be inherently wrong to vote (in other words, lend power)? Read more

Should Christians Carry Guns in Church?

Is it okay for Christians to bring weapons into church for self-defense? Read more

‘It’s the Current Year!’ Is Not a Good Argument

You’ll frequently hear people these days say, “It’s 2017!” as an argument for abandoning some traditional or conservative moral scruple, usually having to do with sex. Read more

The Media Myth of Casual Sex

The dirty little secret of the modern era is that the kind of behavior entertainment promises will make us happy is nearly the exact opposite of what actually makes people happy. Read more

Men: Avoid Self-Fulfilling Self Pity

Don’t worry about what other people have. Don’t blame your problems on others. Read more

Some Slopes Really Are Slippery

Arguments deployed in support of each step in the sexual revolution often contain the premises of arguments necessary for subsequent steps. Read more

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