Another prominent Christian leader has confessed to inappropriate behavior with two young women on his ministry’s staff, and resigned. It’s the latest stroke in a seemingly endless drumbeat of similar confessions and resignations. The list of Christian men in ministry, whether pastors or apologists or speakers or authors, who have been caught in the net of sexual sin over the last few years is dizzying. It’s nauseating. It’s a punch in the gut. Whatever the actual statistics, the merciless repetition… Read more

Homeschoolers: guilty until proven innocent. Read more

One of the less astute canards in Reformed circles is the idea that C. S. Lewis taught a ransom theory of the atonement. Read more

Not every conversation is about abortion. Read more

It begins to look very much as if consent, by its lonesome, is not a workable sexual ethic. Something else is required. Read more

A question has haunted us since we began dying: At the end of a man’s days, what is it that gives his life significance? Read more

In Christ, we are all Serpent-crushers. Read more

I first remember encountering R. C. Sproul while a student at “The Truth Project.” The founder of Ligonier Ministries was one of an ecumenical cast of guests that Focus on the Family’s Del Tackett had assembled for a tour de force course on the contours of a Christian worldview. Dr. Sproul made numerous powerful contributions that sparked group discussions—discussions that helped shape my thinking and devotion to Christ fresh out of high school. But his greatest contribution to the study wasn’t in… Read more

Theotokos–Greek for “birth-giver of God,” or more simply, “Mother of God.” It’s a term that strikes many if not most evangelical ears as “just too Catholic,” but the theology and history behind it are central to what makes us Christians, and what makes Advent and Christmas worth celebrating. Read more

Have you seen this latest argument by pro-abortionists? Read more

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