The Slippery Slope ̶F̶a̶l̶l̶a̶c̶y̶ Fact: How We Started Eating Each Other

Somewhere around 2014 midterms, the intemperate drives of the Left and Right both reached a critical mass, and something broke loose. 2015: Videos surface showing Planned Parenthood sells human body parts. The Supreme Court redefines marriage to include homosexuals. A movie about sadomasochism makes half a billion dollars. A man dressed as a woman appears [Read More…]

Paper-Thin Propaganda – The Point

Who thought up this advertising campaign? Brawny paper towels has launched a new “Strength Has No Gender” campaign. The packaging features a flannel-clad woman in place of the brand’s iconic lumberjack. It goes along with a commercial that highlights female pioneers in science, civil rights, suffrage, aviation, and the like, all “breaking barriers.” Celebrating female pioneers [Read More…]

National Geographic: ‘Stand Behind the Facts’ – The Point

Wait—stand with what, now? National Geographic is running an ad on Facebook featuring the caption, “Stand behind the facts. Stand with science. Stand for the planet,” and then below that, “Subscribe to National Geographic for just $12.” It’s good advertising. But how will subscribing to this magazine help facts, science, or the planet in light [Read More…]

Conservatives: Beware Reverse-Chronological Snobbery

We’ve all seen it. A progressive and a conservative are crossing swords on some subject of contemporary importance, and the progressive reaches for the old standby: “Your views are antiquated. It’s 2017. Time to move on.” C. S. Lewis and Owen Barfield coined the phrase “chronological snobbery” to describe this rhetorical move. It’s a variant on [Read More…]

A Dying Wife’s Dating Profile – The Point

You may want to grab some tissues for this. Not long ago Amy and Jason Rosenthal sent their youngest off to college. Then they found out that the pain in Amy’s abdomen was actually ovarian cancer. Now they’re counting down the weeks her doctors say she has left. But Rosenthal isn’t thinking about herself. In a [Read More…]

Against the Tyranny of Exceptions

These days, policing generalizations is the go-to move when you’ve got no other arguments. The distinction between the logical fallacy known as “hasty generalization,” and generalizations as such, has broken down. Now the mere observation, “that’s a generalization,” is expected to strike our ears as an effective counter-argument. But rational people make generalizations all the [Read More…]

Davenant House: Retrieving the Reformation in the South Carolina Foothills

I’ve long been intrigued by the idea of a place where Christians can go to deepen their understanding of the faith together outside of an academic setting. I pictured a place that felt more like a home than a seminary–a place focused on conversations outside of classrooms–where work and worship are as integral to the [Read More…]

Voldemort and Vestments – The Point

What’s with progressives and Harry Potter? Since the election of Donald Trump, many left-wing commentators have likened his administration to the bad guys’ rise in J. K. Rowling’s “Harry Potter” novels. Writing at Mere Orthodoxy, Anglican deacon Bart Gingerich calls this strange. Why? Because though many Christians dislike the stories’ magic elements, the world of [Read More…]

‘Is Genesis History?’ Is Not Your Dad’s Creationist Documentary

The very word “creationism” elicits mockery, even from Christians. As a shorthand for “young-Earth” or “young-age creationism,” it’s become a key feature of fundamentalist stereotypes, usually dismissed with laughter rather than engaged. Those who reject the modern concept of deep time and believe (as most Christians prior to the last couple of centuries have) that the Earth [Read More…]

Milo Yiannopoulos and the Folly of Personal Brands

With his resignation as Breitbart tech editor, Milo Yiannopoulos has signaled the end of his career’s present iteration. Oh, I have little doubt that this self-admitted water-carrier for the Alt-Right will come back in some way or another, perhaps following a few months of personal reflection and retooling. But after losing a book contract and being disinvited from CPAC, [Read More…]