Today I have to make sure that there is a port-a-potty for the tri-congregation Earth Day service in the park on Sunday. Today, I get to meet with community organizers at their monthly meeting to talk about a change to the city charter. Today I need to write an evaluation for a Monday meeting with an employee. Today, I will print tickets for our Mother’s Day fundraiser to sell this weekend. Today, I must pay my taxes and the bills in the pile by the door. Today, there is live, free, glorious music playing down by the river and somehow, I will get there for a little soul revival.

Beloveds, whatever your to-do list holds, may you remember that our lives are lived today. We are not promised tomorrow. Let us remember daily to celebrate the gift of this life.

The poet Alice Walker writes,

Though not
A contest
The award
& we

Ah yeah…Amen.

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