America’s God (a lullaby)

“It was all God’s plan.” George Zimmerman

In the United States, God 
loves white and violent, it
seems; loves what’s inhuman,
it looks. Look at His plan

working as it does. In the
US, God loves those laws
that fill the jails, that fill
the pockets of the rich,

it appears. Just look. He–
yes, must be a He–gives
a vindictive wink and nod
to the violent, as long as

it’s Christian.

In the United States, God 
likes the way Florida does it.
Loves the way Texas does
people in. Likes his women
on a short leash; his people

poor; likes violence and guns
a lot. In the United States, God
loves his guys white. Just look.
See how things are in the plan.

In the United States, God likes
many of his children murdered.
Some in prison. Most poor. Just
look at the justice. It’s some

God’s plan.

  • Train_Ryder – barbara

    That is NOT America’s God. No more than the version of Allah “followed” by Muslim Terrorists is THE Muslim God. I am saddened by this hateful poem/lullaby I know so many Christians.. people of peace and love and justice. David Breeden, I suggest you go looking for the Christians I’m talking about. And come back in a year with another post.

    • David Breeden

      Yes, that’s the god I’m promoting here–a more international, less capitalist god. In the poem I’m pointing out that evidence from the facts on the ground suggests a particular, unlovely, sort of god being worshiped in the US.

      • Train_Ryder – barbara

        Yup.. I understand.. and maybe I understand the emotion behind it. Your poem describes some of my family; they would not recognize themselves in it because they have a different rationale/perspective. Check out books by John Shelby Spong, Marcus Borg, John Dominic Crossen.. they are scholars who believe they have revealed a Jesus who stands AGAINST the [religious/economic/military] power structure. A Jesus for Justice, if you will. Most mainline Christian churches teach and practice, “Do Justice, love tenderly, walk humbly with your God.” [Micah 6:8]. I would belong to one if I could accept the trinitarian position.

        • David Breeden

          It’s true that I threw the baby out with the bathwater, becoming humanist. But I do often work with liberal Christians on social issues. (Note that I’m wearing a collar in the profile picture. With me that day at Planned Parenthood–supporting it–were Lutherans, Baptists, Episcopalians, United Church of Christ, etc.)

          • Train_Ryder – barbara

            I rather figured that (altho I didn’t look at your photo). And figured that I was preaching to the choir (to the preacher ;-) . But some of us post Patheos blogs on facebook and share them in e-mail (a bit of sneaky UUA missionary work) and your post was a bit counter-productive for my “mission”..

          • David Breeden

            Keep up the missionary work! I’ll write a better missionary poem next time.

  • nanomanoman

    Zimmerman may have a white name but he’s as Hispanic as Obama is white – half. So why is Zimmerman “white” and Obama “black”? On the other hand most UUs are all white and brimming with middle class guilt. It’s interesting how they’ve latched on to this issue – so much anger! And I detect a kind of hate too – almost a kind of release, it’s okay, he’s “white” go for it – but (whisper it) maybe a hidden anti-Hispanic sentiment, one that loathes and fears a new wave of immigrants who don’t quite fit the “damaged victim” status of black people, that can stand up for themselves and praise their “out-moded” God. Just saying, just wondering.

    Anyway, the trouble is the law, not the race thing. Plenty of blacks are released under the same law. You don’t like a law, repeal it. That’s what secular America is all about. As for Christianity, blaming this on that is like blaming Darwin for Stalin.