Today I am going to try and live into the simplicity and struggle of this covenant (co-created by junior high UU youth at camp this summer):

Respect, Kindness, Forgiveness, Focus.

Today I am going to aspire to be the human being I wish others would be to me and my neighbors.

Maybe tomorrow  too.  So much is possible.

And when (not if) I miss the mark, I will begin again in love.

For myself, for you, for all that is possible when we choose compassion over judgment, hope over harm…


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Closing the Faith Gap – Restoring the Voting Rights Act of 1965
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  • AnaisSaisNin

    This is wonderful. Pass this along. Our world would be a better place indeed if this was actually practiced by everyone. First, let us all consider ourselves as HUMANS first. Race, gender, sexual orientation, needs to be way down on the list. I choose to identify as a human being first. For me, it keeps me humble, and keeps my arrogance in check. I know that I am no better, or no less, than any human. It keeps me from putting race above God. It also reminds me that everyone makes mistakes BECAUSE of our humanness. And that we have to help each other no matter what.
    So yes, respect, and forgive, and understand, and show compassion.