Of Time and the Nebulous

Someday, they say,

stars will stop



hydrogen and


helium gone.

Someday, each


star will call it

a day & go to bits.


Someday the day

will be as dark as


night, the hydrogen,

the helium snuffed.


Someday, in, oh, say,

ten billion billion years,


time will eddy & stop.

Someday deep will


call to deep with

nothing here at all.


Someday here will be

empty like there,


in, oh, say ten billion

billion years . . .


So off we go to

corral the OK.


Off we go to

fish for the net.


Off we go, a link

in the unchained.


Off we go to someday.

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  • http://www.andrewhidas.com/ Andrew Hidas

    This ultimate dissolution of everything, the true dust-to-dust (actually, even dust is “something,” so will it even survive everything going all void on us?), is so mind-boggling that it is probably best approached through poetry. Smart choice, David, thanks!