Remember? #NeverLovedUs

By not finding Dunn guilty of murder, the jury could not unanimously conclude that one white man’s imagination was worth more than one black teen’s life.” -Aura Bogado, Jordan Davis: What We’ve Come to Expect,


“Colorlines publisher and executive director of Race Forward, Rinku Sen, was a guest on the Melissa Harris-Perry show to discuss the dimensions of the Michael Dunn case on Sunday. “What Michael Dunn expected from that interaction was not respect but submission,” she said quoting Tonyaa Weathersbee. “Stand Your Ground laws codify that expectation of submission from young black people to white men.” Rinku goes on to explain how the prosecution’s failure to acknowledge that prevents us from truly highlighting the racial dimensions of this case.”


No one deserves to die

because a White person is

afraid of not being in control.


Source of all that is holy and true,

heart broken by the dis-ease of racism

infecting this nation,

I am calling out this morning.

Calling out beloveds

whose own humanity has been displaced

by the White supremacist culture of America.


Yeah. All my White people.

Calling us in

to revision this country.


Because our own humanity is lost

when we deny it to another.


Because this is no way to live.




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