Day Eight


The Transient, the Permanent, and the Stitching Horse: What Remains True in Religions
Closing the Faith Gap – Restoring the Voting Rights Act of 1965
Religious Humanism: What Was Old is New Again
Religious Arguments: Where Are the Grownups?
  • steve m

    My daughter is attending UCSB as a math major and fortunately doesn’t live in that small piece of land known as Isla Vista, think Fort Sanders for all you UT Knoxville graduates. Except Isla Vista houses 23,000 people in just under 2 square miles.

    And of the casualties it was pretty evenly split gender wise.

    I particularly agree with one father of one of the victim that you don’t ever expect this to happen to your kid until it does. Even though I know my daughter was more then likely very safe… she isn’t always easy to reach and so I had some fears…. I guess, you only learn what you put your parents through after you have some experiences of your own. Ok breath deeply Ashley is fine.

    Time to figure out what happened, why the police didn’t review the youtube videos that got the killers parents worried enough to ask for a wellness check days before the rampage. The police did stop by his apartment a few days before this event and talked to him. For the first time I have respect for the idea of the police asking to checkout a room/building even though they lack a warrant, because if they had this kid might have waved his constitutional rights and this might have been prevented.

    I don’t believe that taking one method of killing people away from the mentally disturbed people will stop them from killing people. I don’t think you will ever stop this from happening. But given that the guns used in this case were legally purchased, I have to wonder why the police who talked to this kid a few days ahead of time didn’t know he possessed 3 weapons.

    enough ranting…. fun reading your account of basic training for chaplains… quite different from what I went through as a private back in 1980. Looking forward to reading more of your adventures.

  • steve m

    well one other thought….. the Unitarians have long had a reputation of accepting others… well not us of the rich but the rest of the others. think about it. would the son of a wealthy LA movie director find acceptance among the Unitarians or would he find resentment for being from the privileged class?